Pets: How do dogs choose their favorite person?

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Social beliefs say that the dog He is man’s best friend. Therefore, it is important that they feel accompanied and safe in the company of their owners.

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However, as with people, it’s common for a dog to feel more comfortable or secure with a particular family member. There are several factors that influence the dog-human relationship, most of which are based on amount of time what happens to the person with him and what activity share.

How does a dog choose his favorite person?

When a dog chooses a person as his favorite, he creates a very close bond that is easy to feel. The main thing to keep in mind about these types of bonds is that dogs tend to have a better relationship with people who are more similar to them in terms of personality AND habits.

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A dog can be inseparable from his trusty human.

A dog can be inseparable from his trusty human.

The international site dedicated to canine problems rover select a number of signals and factors that dogs show to their favorite person.

follow you everywhere

It is normal for a dog to feel comfortable with its owner follow everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you go: if you go out to throw away the rubbish, change room or go out into the garden; the dog will follow him everywhere.

However, it is important to know how to distinguish when a dog is following a human being in a positive way (to play or lick him) or when he suffers from separation anxiety. In the latter case, the pet may show signs of depression or urine leakage, among other symptoms.

Seek physical contact with the person

Dogs try to be in physical contact with their favorite people.  Photo: Freepik.

Dogs try to be in physical contact with their favorite people. Photo: Freepik.

It’s common for a dog to feel secure and confident around a person to seek out keep in touch with hercuddling him, sleeping glued to him or lying down next to him.

The veterinary doctor Juan Enrique Romeroformer director of the Hospital Escuela de Animales Pequeños (UNLPam), claims that a dog usually seeks sleep on the feet or between the legs of your favorite person. And he adds: “If you turn to us for support when you feel bad or afraid, it means that you feel safe with our company.” It is the main sign of affection to be taken into consideration.

Source: Clarin

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