St. Patrick’s Day: Google celebrates the holiday with an animated doodle

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Google previews a scribble animated on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day. This holiday of Irish origin is celebrated all over the world every March 17th and millions of people gather to celebrate.

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The date commemorates one of the most famous characters in the long history of Irelanda man who from an early age began spreading the messages Christians and fuse them with Irish culture.

Origin of St. Patrick’s Day

Contrary to popular belief, St. Patrick was not Irish. Born at the end of the 4th century in Scotland with the name patrician, arrived in Ireland at the age of 16 fleeing slavery. While there, he made the decision to become a priest and spread the message of Christianity throughout the region.

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His job, however, was not easy. Irish Cultures and Religions they were not related nor familiar with Christianity, so Patricio’s speeches failed to penetrate society. To do this, he invented a little trick: using the clover explained the Holy Trinityas well as he began to merge some Irish concepts to link the Christian religion with the Irish one, such as Easter bonfires.

Greenery, beer and music are very present elements during St. Patrick's Day.  Photo: Damien EAGERS (AFP).

Greenery, beer and music are very present elements during St. Patrick’s Day. Photo: Damien EAGERS (AFP).

Over time the figure of Patrick became more and more known in Ireland, and even became so Bishop in said country. Numerous miracles are credited to him, as well as ridding an entire island of a plague of snakes.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and celebrations

Madrid's Plaza de Cibeles was painted green in 2017 for St. Patrick's Day.  Photo: EFE.

Madrid’s Plaza de Cibeles was painted green in 2017 for St. Patrick’s Day. Photo: EFE.

There are some typical concepts of this trip. He green colour, represented by the clover, is the most typical that can be seen in costumes and costumes. Likewise, the origin of March 17 as a commemorative date did not originate in Ireland, but in St. AugustineFlorida, USA.

A March 17, 1601 In that city, then a Spanish colony led by the Irish vicar Ricardo Artur, the first parade was held in commemoration of St. Patrick.

Since then this festival began to spread in many countries, in a day of dances, beer and music. The countries that most celebrate this date are the United States, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Argentina.

Source: Clarin

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