Uruguay: Brutal pitched battle between a group of students after school

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The exit of a secondary school in Canelones, Uruguay, became the scene of a fierce pitched battle in which two groups of students staged a massive fight with hits and thrown objects.

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The event occurred this Thursday in the aforementioned Uruguayan city where the I Manuel Rosé High School is located, located in the city of The stones.

It is there that a bitter confrontation broke out between two groups of teenagers who, on leaving the institution, occupied a large part of the block to start a beating in which at least 10 people.

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Everything was recorded in several videos that subsequently They have gone viral on social media. In them you can see how a large group of young people begins to hit two students in time.

Cornering them against a wall, you see how the first attackers kicked them several times as they pushed them to one side, as if the intention was to throw them out of the place.

However, the scene becomes confusing seconds later as more people join the huge fight and start striking in various directions, against different members of a gang that didn’t seem to have any clear casualties and attackers. It was all against all.

In the same video that was broadcast on social networks, one of those involved can be seen approaching the place with a garbage can, which he starts throwing at some of the kids participating in the confrontation.

The conflict erupted when several other students formed a circle to watch them fight.

In this sense, local media reported that the fight started in the educational center and no authority has filed a complaint about it. It then continued in the city’s José Batlle y Ordoñez square, but the police intervened there.

Police sources said the brawl ended after his intervention and that there were no serious injuries or arrests over the incident. Likewise, from the Secondary Education Council (CES) they informed Village to have become aware of the incidents and to have launched an investigation.

The same newspaper contacted Pablo Abdala, president of the Institute for Children and Adolescents of Uruguay (INAU), who specified that INAU has “no space” to act in this case, since there is no any complaint or legal proceeding.

In this line, he indicated that in the event that the Judiciary investigates the fact, the assistance of the aforementioned body could be requested, which acts in the face of similar events.

He also specified that the case could be referred to the National Institute for Adolescent Social Inclusion if the episode possibly had criminal derivations, such as a case under investigation for brawls.

Another brawl in Uruguay, this time between policemen

To place or not to put a stock on an inmate’s feet. This was the discussion between two policemen in Uruguay. They were in the middle of the Hospital de Clínicas in Montevideo, when the quarrels escalated until they reached an unusual and violent argument between the two.

The sequence was filmed by one of the security cameras on the ninth floor of the sanatorium and a summary was initiated with dismissal for both.

In the shot, which lasts just over a minute, the agents of the National Institute for Rehabilitation (INR) are seen talking in the corridor that leads to room 832, where the prisoner was, they also come to blows.

It all happened on Saturday after 8:00 pm First one of them puts a pineapple on the face of the other, who responds the same way. A kick and more punches added to the fierce contest.

A nurse tried to separate them as soon as the argument started. She didn’t make it. The situation was so tense that they had to call another police officer, a superior, who withdrew their regulation weapons and left them in solitary confinement.

Source: Clarin

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