The Polish girl who claims to be Madelaine McCann now suspects they wanted to poison her

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Julia Wendell’s story keeps getting complicated. The young Polish woman became famous in a few hours last February, assuring that she is madeleine mccannthe British girl who disappeared in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007.

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The girl went viral thanks to her Instagram profile, where she amassed more than 1 million followers in just a few days. Facing all the hoopla and family accusations about the girl saying so it was all a lie he was doing for ‘fame’‘, the platform closed its profile.

After receiving death threats, the girl moved to the United States with her representative, lDetective Mia Johanssonand underwent new tests that will help him discover once and for all what is his true origin and especially if it is Madeleine McCann.

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Julia Wendell now lives in the US, "after receiving threats," according to her rep Fia Johansson.

Julia Wendell now lives in the US, “after receiving threats,” according to her rep Fia Johansson.

Now, a new twist is reviving the media case. How advanced exclusively, the Polish woman she fears she has been “poisoned” after claiming she was sexually abused as a child.

It was Detective Johansson who reported that the rare disease that the young woman has today could be related to her allegedly violent childhood where They forced her to consume 35 pills a day.

“It was 35 pills a day from the age of 7, for 5 years!” Detective Johansson explained to the outlet. The doctor said they are investigating this incident because the young woman suffers from recurring nosebleeds and bone pain throughout her body: “Sometimes she collapses and cries in pain.”

“It’s possible they poisoned her with those pills to make sure she didn’t remember anything and kept her mouth shut,” Johansson says. In addition, she assured that Julia Wendell is undergoing new medical tests, CT scans and MRIs to better understand her state of health and begin to clarify doubts, such as if the young woman suffers from leukemiasomething doctors suspect.

DNA tests

A few days ago, Julia Wendell submitted samples for three different forensic tests that will outline her DNA sequence, along with a 23andMe-like genetic test to establish her ancestry, she said the doctor and private investigator Fia Johansson.

23andMe is a genetic diagnosis that allows you to know the lineage, any hereditary diseases and other types of information by analyzing the DNA of saliva.

Madeleine McCann and Julia Wendell.

Madeleine McCann and Julia Wendell.

If the results indicate that she is British or from that area, we will continue our investigation of Madeleine McCann e we will communicate with the investigators in Portugalsaid Dr. Johansson, who moved Wendell from Poland to a safe house in the United States. United after a series of death threats, reports the Radar Online portal.

“We currently have a lot of evidence that Julia was definitely brought to Poland from another country by an international sex trafficking group,” she added. “We are still conducting an investigation, but Julia is definitely not the biological daughter of her parents in Poland,” Johansson said.

Johansson is a private investigator and psychic who teamed up with the US police and went to work investigating Julia’s claims.

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Source: Clarin

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