Office of the President “Jun expressed his will to sublimate the ‘DJ-Obuchi Declaration’ at the Korea-Japan Summit”

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Regarding the Korea-Japan summit held on the 16th, the Office of the President said, “President Seok-Yeol Yoon expressed his will to sublimate this progressively, taking the 25th anniversary of the ‘Kim Dae-jung-Obuchi Declaration’ as an opportunity to face the past and comprehensively present the future of both countries. I did,” he evaluated on the 18th.

“The first bilateral visit by the leaders in 12 years marked a turning point in improving relations between the two countries, which has been at its worst ever,” said the presidential office through reference materials on the results of President Yoon’s visit to Japan distributed to reporters that day.

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“(This visit to Japan) provided an opportunity to normalize Korea-Japan relations and redefine future-oriented relations in all fields,” he said. The office and each ministry decided to continue active meetings with counterparts in Japan.”

In addition, he said, “Through the summit, the leaders confirmed their will to develop bilateral relations into a future-oriented cooperative relationship, and suggested ways for exchange and cooperation that the people of both countries can feel.”

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As concrete outcomes of the summit, △Agreement on the launch of an economic security dialogue between the NSCs △New establishment of an economic security dialogue △The lifting of Japan’s export restrictions on three semiconductor materials and the withdrawal of South Korea’s WTO complaint △The declaration of normalization of GSOMIA was presented.

In particular, the improvement of Korea-Japan relations and the consequent strengthening of economic cooperation were emphasized as achievements. “With the lifting of Japan’s export restrictions, a representative unfriendly measure triggered by the forced labor issue, we have established a practical foundation for improving Korea-Japan relations and strengthening economic cooperation,” he said. If measures to return are followed, uncertainties that hinder exchanges in the fields of materials, parts, and equipment can be removed,” he explained.

In addition, he continued to mention the Korea-Japan Future Partnership Fund. “Through the ‘Korea-Japan Future Partnership Fund’ established on the occasion of the President’s visit to Japan, the two countries decided to make efforts to prepare for the future together,” he said. The scope of cooperation has also expanded in the field of economic security.”

Regarding economic cooperation with Japan, he said, “We confirmed our will to make mutual efforts to achieve common interests between the two countries, such as stabilizing supply chains, expanding export markets, and strengthening scientific and technological cooperation.”

At the same time, △supply chain cooperation with Japan, a cooperation partner of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), △expansion of mutually beneficial exports and strategic cooperation in semiconductors and batteries △Expansion of joint R&D in new technologies and new industries such as space and quantum △finance and The establishment of foreign exchange cooperation was cited as an achievement.

Lee Ye-ji,

Source: Donga

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