Australia denies providing nuclear submarines to US in case of emergency in Taiwan “Control of nuclear submarines belongs to Australia”

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The Australian daily Sydney Morning Herald reported on the 19th that the Australian government denied observations that it had negotiated with the US that it would use the submarine in case of Taiwanese emergency, and said it would have full control over the Virginia-class nuclear-powered submarine it plans to purchase from the US.

Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles appeared on ABC’s ‘Insider’ today and said it was “clearly wrong” to suggest that the submarines, which are due to be acquired by the 2030s, were purchased under an agreement that they could be used for anything but Australia’s national interest.

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Under the $368 billion AUKUS submarine project agreement announced last week, Australia will be the first to acquire Virginia-class submarines from the United States starting in 2033. In 2036 and 2039, Virginia-class submarines are scheduled to be delivered sequentially.

In the 2040s, Australia plans to domestically build a new type of submarine called the SSN-AUKUS, a next-generation nuclear submarine using American components, based on an updated version of the current British Astort-class submarine. .

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Mars said the notion that the United States would rely on Australian submarines in the event of a war against Taiwan was a mistake, and that Australia had not made a commitment to the US to participate in the Taiwan conflict as part of the agreement.

He said, “Of course not. “Whether or not Australia will take any action in relation to future conflicts will be a matter for consideration by the government at the time,” he flatly denied.

“I want to make it very clear that the moment the flag (Australia flag) is planted on the first of the Virginia-class submarines in the early 2030s is the moment when that submarine will come under full control of the Australian government at the time,” he said. The operating submarines will be entirely run by Australians.”

Source: Donga

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