A man was arrested for beating his 16-year-old daughter to steal her cell phone

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The Municipal Police of Madrid Man arrested for beating his daughter after she refused to give him her cell phone. The 47-year-old father wanted to know if the 16-year-old had written with a boy.

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The arrest took place on March 8, the ABC recently reported, in the Carabanchel district.

The attack came after the man found out through one of the girl’s uncles that his daughter had allegedly seen a young man during school recess.

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The officers who conducted the investigation met at school with a social worker and then with the victim, who explained that the day before an uncle had spied on her while she was spending time with a boy during recess.

Members of the State Police and Fire Brigade.  Photo: EFE/ Chema Moya

Members of the State Police and Fire Brigade. Photo: EFE/ Chema Moya

When he returned home that day, his father questioned him, asking him to unlock his cell phone so he could see his messages. She refused, they started to fight and finally man hit her.

Investigators in the case also questioned the alleged attacker, whom they ended up arresting for ill-treatment.

An equally brutal case

In November 2022, a similar case of a father’s physical assault on a daughter went around the world. It happened in a Serbian tennis club, even if the protagonists are Chinese.

The attacker, by name WL, hit his 14-year-old daughter while they were training tennis at the Crvena Zvezda club. He served as the young woman’s coach.

After video of the attack went viral, the man was investigated. WL explained to the First Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade that his intention was not to hurt the young woman, but to get her back to training. He justified himself by saying that in his country it is common to hit children who do not respect hierarchies.

As we anticipated, everything could be seen in a video of the brutal moment of the attack. In the images we see how the coach slaps his daughter, who immediately starts crying. Then how he throws her down and kicks her numerous times..

“I think I acted correctly because this is allowed in China,” said the Chinese coach.

But WL’s defense wasn’t enough. The court ended his pre-trial detention because it considered there was a risk of flight and because of the public disturbances he caused by exercising physical violence in the way he did.

Source: Clarin

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