Madonna’s rare requirement: she doesn’t agree to work with people of the zodiac sign she hates

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if you come from Scorpio and want to work with Madonna is probably impossible. The queen of pop does not allow herself the opportunity to share work experiences with people of that zodiac sign, and there is evidence.

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Madonna wants nothing to do with those born in between 23 October and 21 November (or 22, according to other versions) because obviously the personalities of these people are not compatible with yours or, simply, are not to your liking.

It is worth mentioning that the artist was born on August 16, ie it’s a lion.

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Madonna is 64 years old.  Photo: Twitter @Madonna.

Madonna is 64 years old. Photo: Twitter @Madonna.

According to Clarín’s horoscope, Scorpio people can “listen objectively”, they are self-reliant and supportive, but proud.

Scorpios, which is a fixed and watery sign, are often said to have unique emotional power throughout the zodiac. They are very emotional people, with a lot of imagination, intuition, steadfastness and analytical skills.

Scorpio, get out!  Photo: Shutterstock illustration.

Scorpio, get out! Photo: Shutterstock illustration.


We have said that there is evidence that Madonna does not accept scorpions in her habitat. Producer, director and showrunner Ryan Murphy (creator of classic series, such as Glee or American Horror Story), recently stated in a podcast that He had to lie to Madonna about his astrological sign to work on a project with her.

Murphy, who had to interview the singer on several occasions, was one of many who had to answer the question of truth that Madonna asks in every interview: “What day were you born?”

When the artist asked him, the director replied with his mother’s date of birth, September 3, because he was aware of the strange condition she imposed.

Ryan Murphy has signed a $300 million deal exclusively with Netflix.

Ryan Murphy has signed a $300 million deal exclusively with Netflix.

Tom Rosenberg, producer of Lakeshore Entertainment, had advised him to hide that he is a Scorpio. “You can’t tell him, because he won’t hire you. Say you’re another sign,” Rosenberg told Murphy minutes before meeting the singer, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Of the interview, Murphy said, “I met her. He was nice. His last question was: what day were you born? I told him my mother’s birthday, September 3rd, and he was like ‘oh, a Virgo. Okay. When we went down to the lobby, it was already booked.”

Recital by David Guetta in Punta del Este.  Photo: Emmanuel Fernández - FTP CLARIN

Recital by David Guetta in Punta del Este. Photo: Emmanuel Fernández – FTP CLARIN

Who hasn’t done as well as Ryan went on to do David Guetta. Not even being the most famous DJ in the world was enough to taint the singer’s position.

Madonna was said to have been fascinated by a remix Frenchman had made for her and wanted him to produce an album for her, but when she asked him for his sign and he answered her with the truth, everything changed.

He asked me my zodiac sign and I said it was a scorpio. Suddenly, he made a face and said ‘I’m sorry, we won’t be able to work together.. It was a pleasure meeting you,’” Guetta said in an interview.

Source: Clarin

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