This is how Jennifer Aniston trains to be gorgeous at 54

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Jennifer Aniston has given the keys to how she maintains her body and she did so in a statement to InStyle in which she said her favorite workout is one she dubbed “15-15-15 method“: 15 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes on the elliptical trainer and 15 minutes on the treadmill.

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“I got injured last fall and could only do Pilates, which I love,” she explained. But I missed sweating like when I do other types of activities.”

So, once she recovered, she was happy to do it”come back to me 15-15-15, consisting of 15 minutes of spinning, elliptical and running”, adding: “it is the old school of physical activity.

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Jennifer Aniston.  Exercise for 45 minutes.

Jennifer Aniston. Exercise for 45 minutes.

The 15-15.15 method by Jennifer Aniston

“To be honest, my first thought is spending 15 minutes straight on the bike, elliptical and treadmill sounds pretty boring, but it works for me and it can’t be that bad, right?” said the actress.

Aniston uses the strategy of interrupting the cardio session, something that makes her more dynamic than doing 45 minutes on a single machine.

The actress has confessed her weakness for disciplines such as Pilates and yoga, which she practices constantly. However, a few years ago an ankle injury kept her away from these activities.

As she recovered from her injury, Aniston added a new routine to her workout to increase cardio exercise, 15-15-15.

Jennifer Aniston topless at Harper's Bazaar (Instagram Harper's Bazaar)

Jennifer Aniston topless at Harper’s Bazaar (Instagram Harper’s Bazaar)

What is the benefit of Jennifer Aniston’s workout

Chelsea Labadini, an American physical therapist and fitness trainer, explained that the advantage of Aniston’s 15-15-15 method, over other forms of cardio, is that the three blocks can make it much more appealing than sticking to just one machine for 45 minutes. .

“Changing teams can make training much more interesting,” explained Labadini. And I add: “there is nothing magical about combining these cars or specific timesbut it’s okay if you want to do a decent amount of cardio without getting bored.”

Another important fact is knowing whether, at 54, the actress’s age may have been the one that led her to face this type of exercise. Apparently, Labadini is betting so, as the 15-15-15 method has many benefits for people Aniston’s age.

Jennifer Aniston has reached a new level of her education.

Jennifer Aniston has reached a new level of her education.

“In general, I think women this age prefer low-impact workouts, and this workout is low-impact for the first 30 minutes,” the trainer explained.

Furthermore, according to the National Health Service of Great Britain, the average age of onset of menopause in the UK is 51, and Labadini adds that the running part of Jen’s 15-15-15 method could be helpful for increasing bone densitywhich decreases with menopause.

“Running involves loading, and the activity of loading increases bone density by promoting the activity of osteoblasts, the cells needed for new bone growth,” explained Labadini.

Who can’t do Jennifer Aniston’s workout

Labadini says it’s best to avoid this type of exercise as the foundation of your regular routine if you’re “trying to build muscle.” Instead, she recommends “lifting weights,” but notes that “the 15-15-15 workout can be modified depending on what you want to achieve with it.”

“If you want some low-impact cardio, for example, stop running and get on the bike and elliptical, or swap running for a walk…” the trainer said. Something that the actress does and is doing very well.

Source: Clarin

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