China: Executed a man who killed his wife, crushed her body and flushed it down the toilet

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The city authorities of Hangzhou, east of Chinaexecuted this Tuesday a man who killed his wife in July 2020, whose body crushed in a meat grinder and then flush it down the toilet.

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Regard Xu Guoli, 58, who was sentenced to death in July 2021 for manslaughter. As explained by the Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court in its official Wechat social network account, the evidence against him was “abundant and conclusive.”

In the first moment, Xu reported his wife missing, Lai Huili. He even went so far as to offer a 100,000 yuan reward – the equivalent of $14,500 – for clues that would help him find his partner.

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For their part, the researchers analyzed around 6,000 hours of video captured by security cameras located in the vicinity of the house where the couple lived. Furthermore, they questioned 379 families who lived in the six buildings of the residential complex. However, they found no trace of the missing woman.

China: Executed a man who killed his wife, crushed her body and flushed it down the toilet

China: Executed a man who killed his wife, crushed her body and flushed it down the toilet

With little else to do, the authorities resorted to draining the homes’ septic tanks. It was there where found traces of human tissue.

After being arrested, Xu confessed to killing Lai on the morning of July 5, 2020 after putting sleeping pills in his drink. Plus, she revealed it he chopped up her corpse using a meat grinder and some knives I had in the kitchen. Eventually, he got rid of the different body parts by flushing them down the toilet and scattering them in nearby trash cans.

During the trial, Xu claimed that he and his wife they often quarreled over financial problems and for the education of their daughter they had in common. He explained that he was angry that she was accusing him of being “useless”. The prosecutor’s office ruled that there was premeditation in his actions, although he took pains to clarify that it was an “impulsive act.”

Before being executed, the defendant met with some of his relatives. The authorities did not provide details on the method used to take Xu’s life.

Chinese authorities do not provide official figures on the number of death row inmates, but in Amnesty International’s 2021 report on capital punishment, the organization noted that “China continues to be the biggest perpetrator in the world“.

Source: Clarin

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