Which country allows you to work on a tourist visa?

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One of the current trends in the job market is the short job searchtemporary and which allow a fast connection with other destinations. It is increasingly common for people to travel to another country for work at a certain time of year.

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But not all countries accept the advantage of working in vain with a Travel visa.

The country in Europe that allows you to work on a tourist visa

One of the requirements that most countries impose when allowing new employees to enter is the work visa. However, due to some factors that require more flexibility of work, other countries are not so strict in this regard and allow it access an empty job with a tourist visa.

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Malta's beaches are its main tourist destinations.  Photo: Reuters.

Malta’s beaches are its main tourist destinations. Photo: Reuters.

maltlocated between Sicily, Italy, and the coast of North Africa which belongs to the European Union, is one of them. Being a member of this political community has several benefits, including the use of the EUR as official currency and the English as a second language – Maltese is her natural language.

This country has become a sought-after tourist offer near the Mediterranean Sea. They Beachesits old architecture and its archaeological finds They place it quite high in important destinations in Europe.

Made up of three main islands, Malta offers a wide variety of tourist activitiestherefore the job opportunities are not few, above all in summer. Job offers are usually related to tourism, which is one of the strengths of the country.

St. George's Bay is one of the most famous beaches in Malta.

St. George’s Bay is one of the most famous beaches in Malta.

A average salary for temporary jobs in this market is between 700 and 800 euros, rather low compared to other European nations; however, the cost of living in Malta is also lower.

Likewise, the possibility of getting a job on a tourist visa is only for short stays. If the idea is to stay permanently, perhaps the best option is to apply for a work visa.

Source: Clarin

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