Total bewilderment: a porn film was shown on the screens of a train station

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Platform number 10 at the Patna railway station in the Indian state of Bihar went completely out of control when around 9.30am on Sunday morning a porn video has monopolized the screens of television platforms.

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Men, women and children of all ages witnessed a moment as embarrassing as it was bizarre. The video replaced during three minutes to the television commercials that were on the broadcaster and that generated a rather strange atmosphere.

According to India Today, passers-by reported the incident to the government railway police and railway protection force. The main target, however, was the media agency tasked with broadcasting the ads.

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After the accident, the company Dutta Communication she was blacklisted by the railways and forced to pay a fine. In turn, the contract linking Dutta to the railway stations was also terminated by the railway officials.

Several videos of the unusual moment went viral on social networks. One of them, like the one behind it, is blurry because it’s a triple X video.

A history of style

It is not the first time that something like this has happened in India: in 2022, on a led screen on a path in Mumbai you could read the message “Smoke weed everyday”.

It was explained at the time that it was a “technical failure”. The poor argument obviously didn’t stop the poster photos and videos from going viral..

In a tweet posted in December last year, a user who filmed the sign from inside a car shared the video, writing: “Haji Ali, Mumbai: Detour sign now says ‘Smoke Weed Every Day'” .

In India, smoking marijuana is illegal.. According to the regulations of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act of 1985, having even a small amount of marijuana in your possession can land you in prison for years.

Source: Clarin

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