“Looking for a translator” Indian-Australian man who raped 5 Korean women

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An Indian-Australian man has been put on trial for sexually assaulting and illegally filming five Korean women. He lured the victims to his home, saying, “I’m looking for someone to translate.”

According to local media such as the Sydney Morning Herald on the 21st (local time), a trial was held on the 15th at the New South Wales District Court in Australia against Indian-Australian Valesi Dangkar. Dangkar is accused of luring five Korean women in their mid-20s to his house from January to October 2018, raping them and illegally filming them.

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He posted an announcement on a job site saying, “Looking for someone to translate Korean into English,” and then took the victim to an apartment or a nearby hotel for an interview.

After that, he put a sleeping pill in his drink and sexually assaulted him after making him unconscious. I even illegally filmed the crime process with a small camera hidden in my cell phone and watch.

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This crime was reported by the fifth victim, A, on October 21, 2018. At the time, Dangkar took him to his house, saying, “You can see the view of the Sydney Opera House from his house.” Afterwards, he was given wine mixed with sleeping pills.

Feeling dizzy, Mr. A headed to the bathroom and told an acquaintance, “It seems like you’re drunk, but it’s different from feeling drunk. I was worried about myself” and lost consciousness. And Mr. A, who regained consciousness while being raped, immediately reported it to the police.

Police found 47 videos of Korean women on Dangkar’s laptop. In this video, the names of the women were written. In the video, the victims were unable to properly control their bodies.

In addition, the police found a prescription for sleeping pills and drugs such as Stilnox and Rohypnol at Dangkar’s house.

Dangkar pleaded not guilty to all charges, saying the victims all consented to the sexual intercourse and filming.

However, the prosecution judged them guilty, citing the consistent statements of all the victims and the fact that all the women in the video were unconscious and unable to control their bodies.

During the trial, it was confirmed that Dangkar had a fetish for young Korean women and had downloaded a lot of related pornography.

Source: Donga

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