After years of playing the lottery, he finally wins it, but fate had another plan.

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Andrew Gillion its tHe spent years playing the lottery hoping that at some point good luck would come his way. fortune. His wish was not to become a millionaire but take your family on vacation. And in the end it was given to him, even if he will never know.

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As if the Universe – or who knows who or what – balances and gives something but also takes something back, the 59-year-old man won the Lottery but a freak accident a few days earlier ended his life.

I never knew his perseverance had paid off. Though precious, life is unpredictable and can be cruel.

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Gillion, who came from Shaw Crescentin Wishaw, Scotland, he died afterwards suffer a freak accident while I was at an amibo’s house celebrating the arrival of the new year.

The man died after falling from a ladder while celebrating New Year's Eve at a friend's house.

The man died after falling from a ladder while celebrating New Year’s Eve at a friend’s house.

Remembered by his family and friends as “everyone’s good friend”, the man fell down the stairs that fateful day. The bad fall snapped his neck but didn’t kill him right away.

The man was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Rome Glasgow where he was operated on a few days later when the doctors tried to relieve the pressure of the tear a little, but he failed to make it through the surgery and died.

His family was devastated by the news. His daughter, Lisa Thomas, 32, told the press how shocking the death was and how they still find it difficult to accept what happened.

A door closes but a window opens

A few days after the man’s death, his daughter discovered that her late father had been sent one of the golden envelopes, which meant he had won the lottery. Thomas she was overwhelmed with emotion.

And despite his disappearance, Andrew still considered one of the winners of Scotland’s biggest postcode lottery jackpot.

“I found out that dad had won through his friend and neighbor,” said the mother of three Daily log.

The man won 10 thousand dollars.

The man won 10 thousand dollars.

“I thought there was no way I could have done it since he had blocked his bank account, so I thought no payments would be made,” he added.

Lisa said her father had played the zip code lottery for “as many years as I can remember”.

“When they confirmed it to me,” he recalled, “I was absolutely devastated at first“.

Imagining what it would have been like if his father were still alive, he said: ‘I could hear his excited phone call telling me he had won and I know his first thought would be rsave a vacation for all of us“.

Lisa added that while she “still feels sad” that her dad is no longer around to “enjoy” his winnings, he also feels a certain “excitation”.

“I also have a certain emotion for him and I’m sure it had something to do with all this”.

“Oh there have been so many ‘signs’ since he left us and I’m sure he’s watching saying ‘I told you so.

Andrew received a portion of the prize which was nearly $9 millionwhich was divided among all the victors who lived on the same street as him. Your daughter will make you pay, then, $10,000 prize.

More than enough for a good holiday, as would have liked.

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