Brazil: They interrupt a plan by the criminal group PCC to assassinate former judge Sergio Moro

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The Federal Police of Brazil arrested nine people and carried out 24 raids in the framework of an operation against the First Command of the Capital (PCC), the largest criminal organization in Brazil and which dominates the drug trade in much of South America, accused of planning the assassinations and kidnappings of police chiefs, prosecutors and Bolsonaro’s Senator Sérgio Moro.

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The case has raised a number of conspiracy theories on social media, implicating President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who was jailed by Moro in a case later overturned by the supreme court.

“It doesn’t make sense what they’re putting on the net“, assured the Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, who stressed that the Lula government has implemented an operation to protect an opponent like Moro.

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Former President Jair Bolsonaro likened the case to the knife he suffered in 2018.

According to the Federal Police, the CCP had planned an attack on Moro in Januaryeven with intelligence actions on family movements.

Senator and former magistrate, Sergio Moro.  Reuters photo

Senator and former magistrate, Sergio Moro. Reuters photo

the operative

Moro was Bolsonaro’s justice minister for 18 months and in 2019 he was responsible for the transfer of the leaders of the group from state prisons and incommunicado to federal prisons, among them Marcos Willians Herbas Camacho, Marcola, the founder of the so-called “crime party” which has branches in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Paraguay and controls drug trafficking in Brazilian ports.

The Federal Police launched an operation with the aim of dismantling the group that was aimed at “carry out attacks against public officials and authorities, including murders and kidnappings and extortion” in at least five states, the statement said.

The now Senator Moro reported on the networks that one of the people who was among the targets of Brazil’s most powerful criminal group, the CCP, was him.

“About the CCP’s revenge plans against me, my family and other public officials, I will make a statement from the Senate. For now, I thank the Federal Police, the Paraná Police, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, the Prosecutor’s Office and the São Paulo Police for the work they have done.”

The former magistrate was Bolsonaro’s minister after convicting Lula as a judge and jailing Lula for 580 days in 2018, which removed him from that year’s electoral contest.

The attacks against Moro and other authorities, according to the investigation, took place at the same time and the main targets were in São Paulo and Paraná.

Brazilian President Lula da Silva.  photo by AFP

Brazilian President Lula da Silva. photo by AFP

In São Paulo, the target of the threats was prosecutor Lincoln Gakiya, who was involved in investigating CCP activities. “They’ve been threatening me for more than 13 years”said the prosecutor, one of the Brazilians who knows the drug organization best.

Minister Dino, head of the Federal Police, congratulated the investigative teams who carried out 24 raids and seven pre-trial detention orders.

“A murder plot has been investigated and identified. against various public officials (among them, a senator and a prosecutor). Today the federal police are carrying out arrests and raids against this gang. My congratulations to the PF teams for their important work,” Dino said on Twitter.

against moor

The operation took place a day after Lula told the Brasil247 website that when he was in prison and the prosecutors went to check the conditions of detention, they asked him if everything was in order, to which the current president replied: “I’ll only be fine if Moro gets screwed.”

This claim was repudiated by Moro, who had received threats from the CCP and did not report them. The senator said yesterday that Lula’s statements recalling that moment in prison could have consequences for her family.

The case has opened a front for the rightthat since the campaign, even with Moro as advisor to Bolsonaro, tries to link the Workers’ Party (PT) with the CCP.

Former President Bolsonaro has even tried to link the Lula government to organized crime, citing the murder of the former mayor of the city of Santo AndréCelso Daniel, of the PT, and his own attack, in the 2018 campaign, which triggered his popularity.

“In 2002 it was Celso Daniel, in 2018 Jair Bolsonaro and now Sergio Moro. It can’t be a coincidence. Absolute power was the goal of the left. A parliamentary commission to investigate the case scares the enemies of democracy,” he said Bolsonaro. .

Bolsonarism took advantage of the PCC case ask for a commission of inquiry against Lula in Congress.

“What Lula said in the interview about Moro was authorization for the CCP to carry out the plan, fortunately the Federal Police acted quickly,” said far-right MP Felipe Barros, of Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party.

The president of the PT, Gleisi Hoffmann, assured that the protection offered by the Lula government to Moro it is a “lesson in civilization and democracy”.

“A biased judge who didn’t care about the hatred he fueled with Operation Lava Jato has a lesson in civilization and democracy from the Lula government,” he said.

Source: Clarin

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