Dogs: why do they only bark at some people?

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Many times, the dogs they can constantly barking for no apparent reason. It’s a way to express what you’re feeling, whether it’s anger, that you’re happy, or that you need something.

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On the other hand, some specialists point out that a dog’s bark can vary depending on the situation it is in. He toneTHE frequency and the volume are some of the factors that change depending on what the dog interprets.

However, many times it can easily be seen that a the dog barks not at a stranger, but at another. There’s no clear-cut explanation for this, but there are a few factors that can approximate an answer.

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Why do dogs only bark at some people?

According to some dog behavior specialists, this mostly depends on whether or not the dog likes the person. The director of the Spanish veterinary center cat dog, Felipe Vazquez Montotoensures that dogs have people who don’t like them and others who like them.

It's common for dogs to bark at someone they don't know well.

It’s common for dogs to bark at someone they don’t know well.

“The same thing happens to dogs as it does to people. There are people you like better and others you like worse; well, it’s the same for them. There are people you canine he does not like themso to speak,” he says.

Also, explain that this is related to some aspects of the person that the dog may find unpleasant, such as his own odorTHE way of walking or to move and how they talkamong others.

Dogs, like many other animals, are highly territorial; This means that any situation that disturbs your environment affects you in a particular way. “Dogs tend to be very territorial and many times simply they bark at people they don’t knowespecially when they invade their safety space,” says Vázquez Montoto.

Along this line, the medium on dogs american kennel club argues that it is normal for dogs to bark at people outside your houseas a sign of defense of its territory.

Source: Clarin

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