Former Peruvian Prime Minister Betssy Chávez’s home raided over her alleged participation in Pedro Castillo’s own coup

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Peruvian justice raided this Friday the home of former prime minister and current MP Betssy Chávez for her alleged participation in Pedro Castillo’s own coup.

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A team of prosecutors and police entered the Chávez home and the offices of at least 18 members of Congress in compliance with search warrants for their alleged connection to the failed coup and with corruption crimes.

Chávez’s lawyer, Erwin Siccha, told the press that the legislator, also suspended, is “extremely calm” because his procedural behavior has been “impeccable” so far, assuring that he has been under investigation since day one.

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We have provided evidence and presented arguments” in favor of Chávez, indicated his lawyer in front of the house being searched in the Magdalena neighborhood of Lima.

According to a local television report, members of the Special Prosecutors Team against the Corruption of Power They are working on the search for 41 properties. located in the regions of Lima, Lambayeque, Ucayali, Pasco, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cajamarca and La Libertad.

Pedro Castillo during a press conference.  Photo: EFE

Pedro Castillo during a press conference. Photo: EFE

While Chávez is being investigated for his participation in Castillo’s failed coup by the crimes of rebellion and criminal conspiracylawmakers are being investigated for an alleged criminal organization for allegedly supporting the Castillo government in exchange for political favors or advantages, after which they were known in presidential circles as “Los Niños”.

Prosecutors entered the offices of the MPs involved in the Parliament buildings with the support of the State Police.

One of the lawmakers under investigation, Edwin Martínez, of the opposition Popular Action party, told the press that the fact that he visited the Government House was not sufficient to be implicated in a crime, when asked about the prosecutor’s operation at his house. .

Another of the engaged lawmakers, the second vice president of the Parliament, Silvia Monteza, wrote on her Twitter account that she was giving prosecutors every facility to ask for “clarifications on the truth”.

On Wednesday, Congress approved the constitutional impeachment of Chávez for the alleged commission, as a co-perpetrator, of the crime of rebellion and, subordinately, of criminal association, after which he suspended her from the exercise of her legislative functions during the duration of the criminal proceedings against her.

Earlier, Chávez had asked the plenary session to approve the indictment to address the tax investigation, “I agree,” said the former prime minister who was elected deputy from the Marxist Peru Libre party, which led Castillo to the power in 2021.

He immediately expressed his “profound democratic commitment” and affirmed that “it is necessary to reconcile this country and for this reason it is a priority that the social pact be the product of dialogue”.

Source: Clarin

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