Visa to the United States: How long does the marriage residency process take?

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Residency for the United States can be obtained through the Marriage to a US citizen or US cardholder home from that country.

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The deadlines for obtaining this permit may vary depending on the situation. As a benchmark, these variants specified by the specialized immigration agency Boundles can be taken into consideration.

– If your spouse is a US citizen and you live in the US, the delay will be between 21 and 38 months.

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– When the person interested in the new residence settles abroad, the term will be between 11 and 21 months.

The passport of the United States, the dream of immigrants Photo Shutterstock.

The passport of the United States, the dream of immigrants Photo Shutterstock.

– If your spouse holds a US residence card and you reside in the United States, the delay ranges from 21 to 56 months.

– If instead the applicant for the new permit is abroad, the term is reduced from 11 to 27 months.

The green card is a residence permit.

The green card is a residence permit.

What are the steps to obtain residency by marriage

– Establish the marital relationship (for this, Form I-130 must be completed).

– Apply for a green card (with Form I-485).

– Interview and approval process.

residents and citizens

There are differences between status in the United States as a resident and citizen.

THE residents They have the right to live and work in the country indefinitely. They can also request that immediate family members (spouse and unmarried children under 21) get it. However, they can be expelled for reasons related to criminal activity and behavior that is seen as a threat to national security.

THE citizens receive a US passport issued by the US Department of State. Furthermore, they can leave and enter the country without any restrictions, live in another country indefinitely and are not subject to deportation. They can also apply for permanent legal residence of close family members, which include their spouse, parents and unmarried children under the age of at 21 years of age. .

Source: Clarin

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