The “mafia dolls” of Petróleos de Venezuela flee from Chavista justice

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Venezuelan Ely Jeims, 28, also made a shining fortune from Petróleo de Venezuela (PDVSA) to belong to the “mafia dolls”a prostitution network for both sexes, which not only functioned to legitimize capital through corruption, but also to serve as luxury companions for privileged politicians, businessmen and “connected” Chavistas.

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Her real name is Railin Elizabeth Yepez. Being aka Ely Jeims he amassed a fortune in just two years not as a model and singer but as the lover of the Chavista deputy Hugbel Roa, right and left arm of the Minister of Oil, Tareck El Aissami, who resigned to facilitate the investigation.

Embezzlement scandal erupted last week due to disappearance or robbery in principle more than 3,000 million dollars from the sale of oil from PDVSAwhich is actually more than $23,000 million lost under export bills that state oil company directors can’t account for.

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The plot “is one of the most lurid known in recent years, linking officials of the Venezuelan state, businessmen in quotes who favor corruption and to young people linked to the so-called ‘mafia dolls’Attorney General Tareck William Saab said during a press conference held at the state prosecutor’s office.

Albany-Bracho, one of the "mafia dolls".

Albany-Bracho, one of the “mafia dolls”.

The business

“This network has captured young men of both sexes to place them in the money laundering ring, who have been rewarded with excessive, lavish, illegal and criminal lives,” the prosecutor said.

President Nicolás Maduro confirmed the prosecutor’s version. The Venezuelan official confirmed details about the prostitution ring being used legitimize the capital product of corruption.

The prosecutor announced that a total of 25 people including 14 civil servants and 11 businessmen have so far been arrested for their alleged involvement in a corruption scheme.

Mafia doll Yuravic Ravello is on the run.

Mafia doll Yuravic Ravello is on the run.

Most of those involved are associated with wrongdoings committed within the Superintendency of Crypto Assets and the Vice Presidency of Commerce and Supplies of the state oil company PDVSA.

Senior officials include Antonio José Pérez Suárez, PDVSA Vice President of Commerce and Supplies, Eduardo José Borgones, PDVSA Vice President of Commerce and Supplies, Henrys Chapellín, PDVSA Vice President of Commerce and Supplies, and Hugbel Rafael Roa, former PSUV deputy in the National Assembly.

In addition, among them are Jesús Enrique Salaza, Vice President of Commerce and Supply of PDVSA, José Agustín Ramo, Vice President of Commerce and Supply of PDVSA, Joselit Ramírez, National Superintendent of Crypto Assets, Rahid Alberto Mosqueda Intendant of Digital Mining and Associate processes, Renys Gerardo Barrientos Intendence of digital mining and associated processes, Yamil Alejandro Martínez Vice Presidency of Commerce and Supplies of PDVSA.

Businessmen arrested include: Manuel Meneses, Roger Martínez, Rafael Perdomo, Roger Perdomo, Daniel Prieto, Cristofer Barrio, Johana Torres, Alejandro Arroyo, Bernardo Arosio, Fernando Bermúdez and Leonardo Torres.

Good life

Among the fugitives, 5 of the “mafia dolls” stand out. and 6 others connected: Yuravic Ravello, Olvany Gaspari (Albany Bracho), Railin Elizabeth Yépez (Ely Jeims), Ximena Cagide Parada, Johanna Torres, Alejandro Londoño, Eduardo Noriega, José Luis Ferrandiz, Juan Manuel Afonso, Manuel Ramón Afonso, Rodolfo Moleiro and William Rivas.

According to the prosecutor, everyone will have to answer for the crimes of appropriation or theft of public goods, boasting or using relationships or influences, recycling and association. Also, civil servants will be charged with treason.

Mafia dolls.  Ximena Cagide saved.

Mafia dolls. Ximena Cagide saved.

In the case of ‘Ely Jeims, she amassed an unusual fortune by being the mistress of Hugbel Roa. In the past, she was dedicated as singer of llanera music in a neighborhood of Puerto Ordaz”, says the source of the Alberto News portal.

“From 2020 he traveled on private planes set up by Roa. He moved to Lecherías (Anzoátegui state) where lives in a villa in Las Villas at the villa of Johanna Torres, another fugitive from the same case. Both were escorted by the Bolivarian National Police,” added the source of the Alberto portal.

Venezuelans wonder why former super minister Tareck El Aissami, the head and main responsible for the corruption case, he was not arrested nor are there any criminal charges against him. And the answer comes from the former Minister of Oil, Rafael Ramírez. In an interview with The national teamhe said his counterpart “nothing will happen to him because He did all the dirty work Maduro needed.”

Ramírez, who is taking refuge in Italy, underlined: “The first thing to say about the anti-corruption operation in Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) is that it is not a crusade against corruption or anything like that, but it is an internal struggle of madurism. What happens is that other powerful groups have pressured Maduro to stop Tareck El Aissami’s group.”

Maduro’s regime claims that PDVSA’s corruption prevents it from paying the salaries of civil servants and teachers who earn just $5 a month. This has generated protests among pensioners and employees of the Administration under the slogan of “If there is to be stolen, there is to be paid.”

Source: Clarin

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