Controversy: Spanish actress Ana Obregón was a mother at age 68

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Spanish actress and businesswoman Ana Obregón, 68, was the surrogate mother of a baby girl born on March 20 at Memorial Regional Hospital in Miami, news that has caused a stir in Spain because it is a prohibited practice in the country.

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“The emotional images of Ana’s happiness as she leaves the hospital in Miami with her baby in her arms,” ​​says “Hola” magazine on its cover Wednesday as it breaks the news of Ana Obregón’s motherhood through what is known as a “womb surrogate”. .

In the images we see how the artist leaves the hospital with the baby in his arms, seated in a wheelchair, following the protocol of the health center, in which the “Mother Baby Chariot” sign can be read.

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The cover of this Wednesday's Hola Magazine.  Photo: EFE.

The cover of this Wednesday’s Hola Magazine. Photo: EFE.

The actress, who lost her son Alessandro to cancer in May 2020, when she was 27 years old, carried out surrogacy with absolute discretion. “Only Ana; her sisters, Celia and Amalia, and Alessandro Lequio, the father of her child Aless, knew that the trial was underway”, publishes the magazine.

The surrogacy pregnancy, which is not legal in Spain, took place in June 2022“The same month in which Aless would have turned 30,” explains the magazine, specifying that on March 18, Ana turned 68 when she was already in Miami.

Ana Obregón and Alex Lequio.  The young man died in 2020 at the age of 27.

Ana Obregón and Alex Lequio. The young man died in 2020 at the age of 27.

The news has sparked controversy in Spain since the publication of the magazine, as this practice is prohibited by law, and has also been taken up by members of the government.

The ministers of equality, Irene Montero, and of the treasury, María Jesús Montero, expressed their rejection of this practice in statements offered in the halls of Congress, a position later reached by representatives of opposition parties.

The head of Equality ensured that this practice is legally recognized in Spain as a further form of “violence against women” and asked not to forget the precarious situation of those who agree to lend their womb to bear other people’s children .

Ana Obregón and Alex Lequio.  (@ana_obregon_official)

Ana Obregón and Alex Lequio. (@ana_obregon_official)

“There is a clear discriminatory bias due to poverty”, underlined Montero, one of the leaders of Unidas Podemos, one of the parties that make up the government coalition in Spain, while the finance minister underlined that it is an “exploitation of the woman’s body”.

María Jesús Montero recalled that at the beginning of the legislature aspects relating to entries in the Civil Registry were modified to try to prevent the entry into Spain of children born of surrogacy in other countries, but she specified that “each specific case must be analyzed concrete form».

Ana Obregón became a mother at the age of 68.  Photo: AFP

Ana Obregón became a mother at the age of 68. Photo: AFP

The only party that supports this practice, provided there is no economic compensation for the surrogate mother, is Ciudadanos, a very minority group in parliament.

Deputy Edmundo Bal, of Ciudadanos, specified in the halls of Congress that his party defends this practice as something altruistic “in order to allow people who, for whatever reason, cannot conceive children naturally, to form the family that want or have in mind to form”.

In the images published by “Hello”, Ana Obregón appears dressed in white with sunglasses and her daughter in her arms, dressed in pink.

Source: Clarin

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