Miracle: they told him he would never walk again but he never gave up and surprised everyone

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miracles exist, Certainly. We may never know their origin, but they are there. Mike Newman, a 30-year-old English lad, used his miracle today to beat all the odds against him.

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And it causes nothing but amazement. Because Mike didn’t back down when they told him I could never walk againthat there was no hope of him regaining mobility from the waist down.

However, he defied the odds not only for fully recoverbut also to become a licensed personal trainer.

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The young man, originally from Hayling Island in Hampshire, had had a terrible motorcycle accident three years ago he destroyed his L3 vertebra, punctured his lung and fractured his tailbone and pelvis.

“I landed on my back and I heard it explode under mehe recalled. “I tried to get up, but I couldn’t move,” he added and said it was motocross practice.

Miike's back was like that.

Miike’s back was like that.

After being airlifted to the hospital, Mike metal bars were inserted into his back and had to use a catheter due to intestinal problems caused by nerve damage.

However, it hadn’t been successful. The young man still couldn’t feel his legs and said that “ended up withering until he was skin and bones.” In the end, the specialists told him that it was useless, that he would never be able to walk again.

After spending six months in hospital treating his injuries, he was transferred to a spinal rehabilitation center, where he also faced a number of problems during your stay.

His wounds have become infected and the rods in his back broke, meaning more grueling treatment and a longer wait to be released.

When he came back to the world, Mike set out to prove the doctors wrong. And she did. She miraculously managed to deny them.

He was the first to receive a wheelchair personal trainer license.

He was the first to receive a wheelchair personal trainer license.

After almost two years of enormous efforts and thanks to the assistance and physiotherapy team, the young man managed to take the first steps from the accident.

“I spent the confinement (due to the Covid pandemic) wandering around the house with a walker, crutches and wheelchair“, She said.

I didn’t feel my legs for quite a whileso I had to drag my feet and legs and rely on my upper body strength,” he added.

“One of my biggest goals was being able to use the bathroom again on my ownand I have found it a great achievement to use the toilet independently instead of having to use a catheter.”

Your physiotherapy sessions they have been interrupted by covid restrictionsbut he started hitting the gym when things started to open up.

Now Mike hopes to help others in the same situation.

Now Mike hopes to help others in the same situation.

“Through training and pushing myself to walk, the feeling began to return to my legswhich was crazy, and I found that I could stand and walk for short periods of time.”

These accomplishments prompted him to re-apply for his personal trainer license and he became a the first to complete the course in a wheelchair.

Now he hopes to use his paralysis experience to help train others in a similar situation and give them the hope they need to recover.

“I may never get back to 100% and still need my wheelchair when I’m overexerting,” Mike added. “But I’ve come this far and I’m so proud“, hill.

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