Tsai Ing-wen arrives in New York, a ‘stopover’… Welcoming crowd-pro-Chinese counter-demonstration

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Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, on a tour of two countries in Central America (Central America), arrived at New Station in the United States, where she was stopped, and received a warm welcome from local residents and others.

On the 30th, Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that President Tsai’s plane arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York at 3:00 on the 29th (US Eastern Time).

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Laura Rosenberg, new chairman of the American Association in Taiwan (AIT), which is equivalent to the US embassy in Taiwan, and Xiao Mei-qin, representative of the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO), Taiwan’s ambassador to the US, boarded a private plane and met President Tsai’s party.

President Tsai and his party moved to the Lotte New York Palace, their lodging, by car.

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Near the hotel, hundreds of Taiwanese residents warmly welcomed President Tsai and his party, and anti-protests were held nearby led by pro-Chinese groups. As the local police tightened their vigilance, there was no dispatch between the two sides.

On this day, President Tsai and his party had a dinner with representatives of local Koreans at ‘The Glass House’ in New York.

On the 30th (local time), President Tsai will spend two days in New York, receiving the Global Leadership Award from the Hudson Institute, a US think tank.

They will then arrive in Guatemala on April 1, hold a summit meeting with Guatemalan President Alejandro Hiamatei, and move to Belize on the 3rd. President Tsai is scheduled to hold a meeting with Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow on the 4th and address the parliament.

While passing through Los Angeles on the 5th, President Tsai will meet with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and give a speech at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. It has been reported that Republican Mike Gallagher, chairman of the House Special Committee on China, will attend the meeting between House Speaker McCarthy and President Tsai.

President Tsai plans to return to Taiwan on the 7th of next month after completing diplomacy via the US.

Meanwhile, the White House has labeled Tsai’s visit to the US a “customary transit” and urged China not to use it as an excuse to escalate aggressive actions against Taiwan.

Source: Donga

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