Criminal trial against Donald Trump: He will appear in court on Tuesday and face more than 30 fraud charges

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Former US President Donald Trump He will appear next Tuesday in Manhattan Criminal Court. to hear the charges brought against him in the context of the investigation of art payment of bribes a porn actress through a sting operation on the accounts of one of her companies during the 2016 election campaign.

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He reportedly traveled on Monday from his residence in Mar-a-Largo, Fla., to New York, where a grand jury voted the former president should be prosecuted for fraud. the first time it happens in US history.

The charges have not been released. But CNN is reporting this Friday that Trump faces more than 30 counts related to “corporate fraud”.

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Trump prepares to board his plane in West Palm Beach on March 25.  Photo: AP

Trump prepares to board his plane in West Palm Beach on March 25. Photo: AP

Attorney Susan Necheles, a member of the former president’s legal team, confirmed Tuesday’s appearance and specified that it is a process of “voluntary surrender”, while another of his lawyers, Joe Tacopina, told the New York Daily News that they do not intend to “start a duel” with the prosecutor.

“There will not be a confrontation in Mar-a-Lago with the Secret Service and the Manhattan district attorney’s office,” Tacopina said, echoing statements by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who said he will not contribute to the “extradition” of the tycoon if he refused to leave his residence.

Trump, the first president in the country’s history to be criminally charged, is expected to appear in court for the Lower Manhattan borough around 2.15pm on Tuesday after a private plane ride from Palm Beach International Airport to New York La Guardia Airport.

The media surround the Manhattan Court.  Photo: Bloomberg

The media surround the Manhattan Court. Photo: Bloomberg

Details of his court appearance are still being negotiated, so it is unknown whether the former president will enter the venue through a private entrance or walk down Center Street in front of cameras and his supporters.


In any case, Trump must submit at some point in the day to the usual procedure that the defendant must follow: fingerprints, police photos and reading your rights.

Once the procedure is complete, you will await your appearance in court, where in all likelihood he will plead “not guilty” to the charges which are in charge of it.

From there, the judge, likely Magistrate Juan Merchan, who has already investigated the tax fraud case against two Trump companies, will determine if you need to impose a constraint or any restrictions on the former president before declaring a date for the immediate trial preliminaries.

The 76-year-old former president is accused of having bought for 130 thousand dollars the silence of the porn star Stormy Daniels on the extramarital affair they had, before the 2016 elections, won by the billionaire.



Source: Clarin

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