They reveal why people stick out their tongues when they are very focused

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Victoria is super focused in front of her PC screen. She recently graduated from high school, she is working at what is her first job and does not want to fail. While planning a strategy for his client on social networks, he takes a second break and decides to thoroughly clean his computer keyboard with a toothbrush… At that moment, almost without realizing it, his brain receives a stimulus to give the E order stick out your tongue

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Why did you make that move? THE frontal cortex it is the brain region involved in language, and has the greatest number of neural networks dedicated to dexterity and the use of tools. Therefore, when a person is deeply focused on a fine motor task, dexterity neurons fire and they begin to move towards the closest neighboring tissue – the tongue.

According to IFL Science coverage, one study looked at young volunteers, who were subjected to increasingly complicated tests. Most of them were games, the difficulty of which increased with each level passed. When they coped more complicated obstaclesnearly all stuck out their tongues.

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Tongue out in a moment of maximum concentration... Science reveals why.

Tongue out in a moment of maximum concentration… Science reveals why.

Gillian Forester is dedicated to the study of language and its relationship with the brain. According to his research findings, there’s an evolutionary reason humans do this.

“To me, the study supports the idea that hand-tongue articulation is governed by shared brain processes,” Forrester said. “This would have provided a natural bridge for a primitive communication system passed from hand gestures to speech in primitive man,” he concluded.

“Both skills are in critical periods in the first years. This is evident when we see that we have a newborn who does not talk or move much, and in just three years he is running, jumping and talking. That is why movement is a piece of development and we must give him space and time,” explains Carina Castro Fumero, a pediatric neuropsychologist, on the TN site.

Sticking out your tongue in moments of concentration can mean, "Calm down. Don

Sticking out your tongue in moments of concentration can mean, “Calm down. Don’t disturb me. I’m busy.”

There’s research showing that the tongue is one of the areas with the most nerve endings, and even when we’re focusing on something, it’s inside the mouth, sending innumerable stimuli to the brain.

To keep it in check and not distract our concentration, people put it aside and then He the brain can focus on the task what do you want to do.

“The ‘stick out your tongue’ gives us insight into the communication system that includes arm, hand, mouth and tongue actions spontaneously and synchronously. And it is for this reason that we should avoid phrases like ‘did I put my tongue in it?’, as this action is a component of the rudimentary communication system that we must not highlight or limit… we should leave it alone, since if we do it in a way excessively or with contempt could affect our child’s self-esteem”, indicates the expert

Source: Clarin

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