The activity to have a healthy body recommended by Harvard University

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Regular exercise, such as healthy eating, maintain a close link with mental and physical health. And in this sense, an expert of the Harvard University reveals an activity that offers many advantages.

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This activity can strengthen muscles, reduce headaches and body aches, and even control insomnia, they describe.

For the best, the specialists explain, You don’t need to be fit to practice it and requires much less effort than more traditional ones. Ideal for those suffering from physical activity.

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Tai Chi is closely related to physical and mental health.

Tai Chi is closely related to physical and mental health.

“This martial art could be the perfect activity for the rest of your life,” says a Harvard publication.

Called a sort of “meditation in motion”Tai Chi combines low impact training, endurance and concentration and mind control.

On the other hand, it can work like aerobic cardio exercise For those who cannot perform high intensity exercises.

How is Tai Chi?

With originated in ancient ChinaTai Chi is based on slow movements combined with deep breathing exercises. Hence its impact on both muscles and mind.

At first it was just a martial art, but as time went by, health benefits began to be noticed, such as yoga or moving meditation.

Due to its nature it is ideal for the elderly and for those who are no longer so young and who traditional physical activities are starting to cost them.

Tai Chi originates in ancient China.

Tai Chi originates in ancient China.

The goal is for each posture to flow into the next without pausing, such that the body is in constant motion, at its own pace, they point out.

Benefits of Tai Chi for body and mind

The benefits offered by the practice of Tai Chi are many and are acquired in the short term. Here are some key points:

  • Improve balance, strength and flexibility
  • strengthens muscles
  • Helps joints
  • Relieves headaches, such as migraines
  • Improve insomnia problems
  • Reduces stress
  • Help with breathing problems
  • It also helps bowel function
  • Increased aerobic capacity
  • Improve blood circulation and blood pressure
Slow and precise movements of martial art.

Slow and precise movements of martial art.

What types of Tai Chi are there?

As often happens, some variations have emerged from the original style of this Chinese martial art that have added characteristics of their own.

There is talk of “families” and how they arose, and how each for a long time the style was taught within a single lineage, until later the exchange was inevitable. In Better with AS Health list the five styles of Tai Chi:

  • Chen style (1582-1660) It appeared in northern China and is characterized by the use of silk as an element and the alternation of slow and fast movements. Chen Wangting, the village head and the ninth generation of the family created the seven Chen Tai Chi routines.
  • Yang style (1799-1872) One of the most popular types of Tai Chi in the world and the second oldest. Its founder was Yang Luchan, who became a teacher in his own right.
  • Wu/Hao style (1812-1880) Designed by Wu Yuxiang, a member of a wealthy and influential family from Yongnian City, Hebei, China. It is named after his disciple and his nephew, Hao Weizhen. This type is known for its small to medium frame shapes, which aim to develop core strength.
According to the families of origin, 5 styles of Tai Chi stand out.

According to the families of origin, 5 styles of Tai Chi stand out.
  • Wu style (1834-1902) It was created by Wu Quanyou and is the second most popular form of Tai Chi in China. It is distinguished from other families by its “hand” style, in which push and weapon training, parallel feet, and horse stance training are used.
  • Style of the sun (1861- 1932) Known for his smooth, flowing movements that avoid jumping, ducking, and other more challenging movements, he was created by Sun Lutang. Includes footwork and small circular movements with the hands.

Source: Clarin

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