That’s how Trump’s playboy persona came back to haunt him

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Details of the indictment against former President Donald Trump have yet to be disclosed, but the salient details are tailor-made for headlines and screens:

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Sex. Porn star. Sex. Money for the purchase of silence. Sex.

Former President Donald Trump stands before speaking during a campaign rally at Waco Regional Airport, Saturday, March 25, 2023, in Waco, Texas.  (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, Files)

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Former President Donald Trump stands before speaking during a campaign rally at Waco Regional Airport, Saturday, March 25, 2023, in Waco, Texas. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, Files)

Trump declares himself innocent, as always, and defines himself as the most correct victim of “criminals and monsters of the radical left”.

But the salacious nature of impeachment resurrects the Trump who existed long before he became the 45th president: before his ubiquitous “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) slogan, before his pretensions to be greater than George Washington or Abraham Lincolnbefore the two political trials and the attack on the Capitol.

We refer to the Trump who liked to introduce himself as a Don Juanvery sure that his wealth and looks made him the most coveted medal among women.

a man who couldto talk about threesomes with a radio host, cheekily walking through a dressing room full of beauty pageant contestants, and rating women on a scale of 1 to 10 based on their physical appearance.

It’s a part of Trump’s personality that has come back to haunt him time and time again, most recently on Thursday when a Manhattan grand jury forever marked him as the first former president indicted on a crime.

The little that is known about the case is quite scandalous.

A man wearing a Donald Trump mask poses outside Trump Tower on April 2, 2023 in New York City.  (Photo by KENA BETANCUR / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP)

A man wearing a Donald Trump mask poses outside Trump Tower on April 2, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by KENA BETANCUR / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP)

It revolves around the $130,000 that Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen paid the porn actress. stormy daniels for his silence about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump in 2006, long before his presidency and while his third wife stayed home with their child in her arms.

Trump, who recently began his campaign for the 2024 presidential election, is far from the first president to be linked to sexual impropriety.

Bill Clinton He had sex in the Oval Office with an intern with whom he said he had no sex.

John F. Kennedy he had many affairs, including one with a woman who was also intimate with a Chicago mob boss.

Warren G Harding He fathered a child with a mistress who he claimed had sex in a White House cloakroom.

And there’s more.

But the long public record of entanglements, boasting and rude comments of Trump sets him apart in the presidential pantheon.

As a young man in the 1970s, Trump frequented Manhattan clubs and reported his adventures in gossip columns, all in keeping with his effort to do away with the appearance of nothing but a rich boy from Queens who worked for his father’s real estate company.

In 1977 he got married Ivana Zelnickovaa Czech model, and focused on making a name for herself in real estate.

But their relationship fell apart in 1989 when she found out what the others already knew:

that Trump was in a relationship with a model and actress named Marla Aceri.

The ensuing discussions were tabloid delight, with a high point (or low point) on the front page of the 1990 New York Post, featuring a smiling Trump and a headline that read:

“Marla Talks Donald Duck With Her Friends: ‘THE BEST SEX I’VE EVER HAD'”.

Lou Colasuonno, the editor of the Post who designed that cover, remembered thinking:

“He will never sue us for this title.”

The circumstances behind the headline are part of the troubled journalistic tradition.

But Maples, whose marriage to Trump ended in 1999, later denied saying those words, and Barbara Res, a former Trump Organization executive, later said that while she was concerned about their impact on Trump’s children, their father “looked like the best”.

The perception of sexual prowess seemed central to the image Trump cultivated.

Linda Stassi, novelist and former columnist for both the Post and the Daily News, recalled in an email that Trump once left him a message on his answering machine, pretending to be someone else — as he often did — and saying, imitating a Another rumor, that Trump had had gone to eat at such and such a restaurant and was surrounded by models.

“You should write about this,” the tipster recalled telling him.

“His fake accent was as real as his orange tan,” Stasi wrote, adding that the first time he met Trump in person, he told him:

“Mine, you’re pretty, aren’t you?”

I think I answered:

‘Excuse me? What did you say?'”.

Trump’s documented penchant for misogynistic behavior it was no secret to the electorate when he ran for the 2016 presidential election.

One month before the November election, The Washington Post released a 2005 video of Trump, then 59, discussing women with the TV host Billy Bush while preparing for an episode of ‘Access Hollywood’.

The transcript of their conversation sounds like a boring script for a rejected sequel to “Animal College.”

Some of Trump’s taped comments, peppered with crude references to female anatomy, are more famous than most of his speeches as president.

“Just kiss them,” she advised at one point.

“I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

After initially dismissing his comments as “man jokes,” Trump apologized to his family and the American people.

Within weeks, he won the presidency; within months, he began privately questioning the authenticity of the tape.

But Trump’s past as a self-described womanizer kept surfacing in the red tide of GUIDED PROCEDURE.

Early 2018The Wall Street Journal published the story of $130,000 that Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, paid Daniels to buy her silence about her alleged one-night stand with Trump after a charity golf tournament 12 years ago.

Cohen was later convicted of tax fraud and campaign finance violations after he admitted bribing Daniels and helping arrange a similar payment to another woman, a Playboy model named Karen McDougal.

He did so, he said, at the behest of Trump, who denies it.

Trump also denied having a sexual relationship with Daniels and continued to refer to her as “Horse Face”.

You responded by speaking of the “little things” of the 45th president.

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