Nightmare: They move to a new house and the garden becomes “a swamp with an ecosystem” every time it rains

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A couple was horrified after the garden of his new home it will inundate and remain as a “swamp with its own ecosystem”, where algae also grow. Who blames the contractors and the family version.

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Ellis Reid, 31 years oldand your mate, Douglas Horn, 42 years oldThey watched helplessly as the back of their new home in Scotland turned into nothing less than a swamp.

The garden was reduced to a muddy mess and flooded so badly that some algae has started to grow.

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Moving house, new house and swamp

The couple moved in in August 2020, with the woman excited about a fresh start their son, Landon, and their two dogs.

The family reports drainage problems in the garden of the new house,

The family reports drainage problems in the garden of the new house,

But within just seven months, her dream garden had become the “worst landscape in the world”.

“When I first moved in, it was great for the little guy, because he could play and have his friends around,” Ellis said Ayrshire live.

“Now I just close the curtains. I’m sick of seeing it. It’s like having a swamp near your house. There are algae growing on the fence and in the pots,” he describes between disbelief and anger.

We can’t let the dogs out anymoresimply because they refuse to go to the garden. They have to use the patio to go to the bathroom because they don’t walk on grass,” adds Ellis.

And sentence: “I wouldn’t be surprised if we have tadpoles soon. It has its own ecosystem.”

Fear for the future of your home

The owner confides her fear of what is coming. For example, she is afraid she won’t be able to sit outside in the garden when the weather improves and temperatures rise, but now we have no chance.

This is what the bottom of the new house looks like.  A real swamp.

This is what the bottom of the new house looks like. A real swamp.

“I’m worried it’s starting to get inside the house. When it really rains, everything floods,” he reportedly confides The mirror.

The couple say they are tired of the subcontractor’s apology given by the homeowner Riverside Housing.

Finally, very angrily, he says that he tells Ellis the fault lies with his son and his two dogs.

Drainage and building problems

Douglas reveals that he is hopeless over the pathetic state of the garden.

“We’ve had live contractors twice. The first time they agreed with us that there was no drain in the back garden. But when they came for the second time, they only stayed there for a couple of minutes and at night they sent an email to blame the state of the garden on our son and the two dogs,” the man expressed bewildered.

“It’s just lazy to blame a child and dogs for your failures. There is clearly a drainage problem“, Add.

The contractors blamed the child and the family's two dogs.

The contractors blamed the child and the family’s two dogs.

Along the same lines, they say both Environmental Sanitation officers and the inspectors who went to survey agreed there was a “drainage problem”.

what the authorities say

A spokesman for South Ayrshire Council he explained: “An official from our environmental health team has been investigating a complaint relating to garden drainage and is discussing the matter with the complainant and the Housing Association.”

A representative of Scotland along the river He said: “We have contacted the tenants and arranged a tour of the property and are working with the contractor to help the tenants resolve any issues.”

It remains only to wait if a definitive solution appears or if the problem continues to grow, like the swamp in the family garden.

Source: Clarin

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