A family found a puppy on the side of a road, but when they brought him home, it turned out to be something else.

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A family has found a puppy on the side of a road. Pit looked like it had been abandoned. He was scared and disoriented. Without hesitation, they grabbed him, bundled him up, and carried him home.

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But it was a big surprise when the family, already at home with the new member, discovered that it wasn’t really a dog but rather he was a coyote puppy.

Realizing their confusion, the family, who have not been identified, contacted the local wildlife center ask for help.

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The puppy is already in the hands of specialists.

The puppy is already in the hands of specialists.

Finally, when the specialists showed up at their home, the family she delivered the adorable pet into her safe hands.

Cape Wildlife Center, a MassachusettsUnited States, confirmed that it was an eastern coyote that he had been separated from his pack.

“A local family accidentally brought the pet home after mistakenly identifying him as a lost puppy,” officials explained in a Facebook post.

Authorities confirmed it was an eastern coyote.

Authorities confirmed it was an eastern coyote.

Dozens of Facebook followers agreed that it was a misunderstanding that could happen to anyone. One user posted: “I can see how it could be mistaken for a puppy. Is very cute“.

Meanwhile, others shared their experiences finding wild coyotes. One lady said she rescued an entire litter of coyote pups, but she warned her as they grew up they became aggressive.

Coyotes become aggressive over time.

Coyotes become aggressive over time.

However, another user wrote that he too found a coyote and adopted it a long time ago but”it was never intrusive or even annoyingand “lived happily with my family for 16 years.”

Wildlife center staff were able to determine that the coyote he had not been exposed to rabies and that the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has cleared her treatment.

The animal is now “recover comfortably“Only in an isolation room, but soon to be introduced to a foster brother.

It's quite common in that part of the United States to come across coyotes.

It’s quite common in that part of the United States to come across coyotes.

“Once both puppies receive their vaccinations, they will have grown up together and will have the opportunity to grow and learn natural behaviors in our large, outdoor cage,” officials said.

“We work hard to deliver an upbringing as natural as possibleand we will work to replicate the essential behaviors and skills they learn from mom and dad.”

The center explained that this case had a “happy ending” but that “it could easily have turned out differently”.

Coyotes are considered a rabies vector species in Massachusetts, meaning that if the finders were “bitten, scratched, or had prolonged contact,” they would have been forced to euthanize the puppy.

“We’re grateful to everyone who takes time out of their day to help wildlife when they need it, but we always encourage people to do so.” call the appropriate resources before taking actionyou can help keep everyone involved safe!” the center added.

The Cape Wildlife Center promised share updates on coyote’s progress on his Facebook page.

Source: Mirror

Source: Clarin

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