The curious method of a young man to deliver the curriculum, which brought him good results

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When it comes to landing your dream job, sometimes you have to go above and beyond to land that all-important interview, and opting for different solutions is definitely advised.

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Jonathan SwiftA young man from the UK, found an opportunity to gain a position in the marketing department of Instantprint, a specialist printing company based in Yorkshire.

Ideal original to give your CV

After taking some time to think, and hurriedly excited about the opportunity, Swift decided to travel to the company’s headquarters, to be more precise, in the area of vehicle parkingrelationships Mirror.

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Jonathan Swift put resumes on the windshield of every company staff car.

Jonathan Swift put resumes on the windshield of every company staff car.

But what was his intention? What the young man did was nothing more and nothing less placed on the windshields of each of the cars a tab with your LinkedIn profile.

The marketing manager of the company, Craig Wassellprecisely the person responsible for hiring a candidate for the position, saw the strategy used by Jonathan through surveillance cameras.

He did so after being advised by security personnel to take a closer look at what was happening, possibly even joking. And he was so impressed that he decided Call him for a job interview.

“When I looked out the office window, I could already see that someone had been placing flyers all over the windshields of the cars. After a while, it became more apparent that the flyers had to apply for the position,” Wassell explained.

Wassell took the opportunity to share images from the security cameras on Twitter, as well as an image of the cars. On the other hand, you acknowledged that the case caused such a stir that it became the talk of the hour in the office.

More than 140 requests

As reported by the British media, Instantprint has received more than 140 applications for the position. But unsurprisingly, Jonathan’s creativity, and perhaps a little luck, ultimately led him to offer the job.

“Jonathan did more than just get my attention. It showed that he researched the brand and he did it the right attitude, creativity and sense of humor to fit perfectly into the team”, specified the marketing director.

Of course, from now on, after hiring, the young Englishman will have to face the most difficult test: to demonstrate that he is truly suitable for keeping his job.

Source: Clarin

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