Kimetsu no Yaiba, third season: what time it airs, how and where to see it, and everything you need to know about the third part of Demon Slayer

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For lovers of soulsone of most popular series of the moment will return to television soon. Kimetsu no Yaiba will preview his third seasonafter the premiere of the film Kimetsu no Yaiba: To the village of swordsmen.

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This feature film, directed by Haruo Sotozakiserves as a summary of the second season of the anime and will connect the arc of the red light district with that of Villa of the Blacksmiths.

fujitv will be the chain in charge of releasing the third season of “Demon Slayer” and will be a one-hour special episode of duration. Although it has not been confirmed yet, it is likely that from the day of its publication it can be seen on the platform Crisp.

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When does the third season come out? Kimetsu no Yaiba?

The date set by ufotable —producers of the series— is the April 9, 2023. The story will pick up from the aforementioned film and continue to expand the Villa de los Herreros arc from that point.

One of the demons that will appear in the third season of Kimetsu no Yaiba.  Photo: UFOtable.

One of the demons that will appear in the third season of Kimetsu no Yaiba. Photo: UFOtable.

The plot will feature an extension of the world of demons that had already been shown in the story, as well as new characters will appear and other secrets of the group of protagonists will be discovered.

The official synopsis for the third chapter, which adapts the ninth arc of the manga by Koyoharu GotogeComments:

Tanjiro’s journey takes him to the Blacksmith Village, where he meets two Hashira, members of the Demon Hunter Corps’ highest-ranking swordsmen: the Hashira of Mist, Muichiro Tokito, and the Hashira of Love, Mitsuri Kanroji. With demon shadows lurking nearby, a new battle begins for Tanjiro and his companions.

Following what was published in Gotōge’s manga, the new season would correspond to approximately four volumes and 30 episodes, which would represent nearly 15 chapters. Likewise, the producers have not yet confirmed the exact number of deliveries this premiere will have.

Source: Clarin

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