The vegetable that helps strengthen the scalp and prevents hair loss

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There is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables which, if we include it in our daily diet with a certain frequency, can benefit the proper functioning of the body. In the case of the hair loss or strengthen the scalp, there is a vegetable that can help prevent hair loss or make it stronger.

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It’s about carrotIt is a vegetable that is easily found in any supermarket or grocery store. The list of beneficial properties for the body that this plant offers is extensive, and includes some related to the strengthening of bones, hair and the protection of the immune system.

What are the benefits of carrots for the scalp and the body in general?

One of the great benefits of the carrot is its high vitamin content of most of the complexes —A, B, C and E, mainly—. According to a study by Guilin Medical University in China, the Vitamin A It is important for healthy skin, the development and strengthening of bones, and overall body health.

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The carrot can be eaten in different ways, from raw to boiled.  Photo: Shutterstock.

The carrot can be eaten in different ways, from raw to boiled. Photo: Shutterstock.

In addition to having all these vitamins, carrots have high levels of phosphorus and potassiumwhich also contribute to the care of the scalp.

Having said that, the Borawan Institute of Pharmacy, India has prepared an analysis specifying that the carrot jelly It can cooperate with hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Other benefits brought by carrots are related to the improvement of blood circulation and eye health. A study by Arizona State University, in the United States, ensures that this is due to its good levels of fiber.

The carrot has antibacterial abilities.  Photo: Shutterstock.

The carrot has antibacterial abilities. Photo: Shutterstock.

Along this line, a study by Fu Jen University in Taipei mentions that nutrients, mainly polyacetylenes– present in carrots works like antibacterial and anti-inflammatories for the scalp.

Another of the main advantages of the carrot is that it can be eaten in a great variety of dishes. Raw, boiled, baked or squeezed, its properties are maintained without depending on the preparation. That’s why several nutritionists recommend it as a good option to include in specific diets.

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