A case of faith, deception and death: the Shaman who promised miracles and killed 12 people

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Police in Banjarnegara, Central Java, Indonesia were arrested Slam Tohari45 years old, who killed at least 12 people to which he had promised to multiply the money in his role as Shaman.

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Over the past week, the police have exhumed the remains of his victims, buried in the forest in front of his residence in the Wanayasa district.

The arrest followed a complaint from the family of his latest victim, a 53-year-old man named Paryanto, which led to his death.

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Indonesian shaman.  The moment of Slamet Tohari's arrest.

Indonesian shaman. The moment of Slamet Tohari’s arrest.

The shaman who deceived his followers in Indonesia

The arrest came this week following a complaint filed by his most recent victim’s son, Paryanto, who told police the shaman’s home in Banjarnegara, Central Java, was his father’s last known whereabouts.

“Paryanto’s family lost contact with him at the end of March,” the BBC reported.

The alleged shaman Tohari, accused of premeditated murder, He promised people he could magically multiply money, and when customers asked him to pay him back, he poisoned them.according to the police.

The victim who reported the scam, Paryanto, informed his son of his whereabouts via a WhatsApp message and had asked him to notify the police if he did not return before 26 March.

Indonesian shaman with Paryanto, his victim.

Indonesian shaman with Paryanto, his victim.

The conclusions of a case of faith that ended in fraud and death

Following the complaint filed, the authorities went to Tohari’s residence in Desa Balun village, Wanayasa district, where they found shallow graves in a nearby location, some of them with two or three victims buried together and together with a bottle of mineral water in each grave, reported the BBC.

The victims were between 25 and 50 years old, had been buried for at least six months and the corpses showed no signs of violence..

Police believe Tohari has been killing people since 2020, reported the British media. Authorities also arrested an accomplice who promoted money-making services on social media, however Tohari further said he was largely acting alone.

He posed as a shaman, as had been his grandfather Mbah Slamet, e promised to multiply from 70 million rupees ($4,683) to 5,000 million rupees ($334,706)according to the police.

Subsequently, he lured his victims into his home for a daytime ritual and then gave them potassium cyanide and a sedative to drink.

The alleged shaman was also jailed about four years ago for counterfeiting offenses and faces the death penalty for his current charges.

Yanomami shaman in a ritual, Amazonas State, Brazil, 2014.

Yanomami shaman in a ritual, Amazonas State, Brazil, 2014.

What is a Shaman

Shamanism uses methods that people developed hundreds of years ago and which are passed on from generation to generation. They therefore play a role of ancestral wisdom and intermediaries between the spiritual world and the natural world.

Some of its most important functions are emotional support, clairvoyance or healing the body through energy rituals and techniques to restore spiritual harmony.

Source: Clarin

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