Shooting at a funeral in Washington: one dead and at least three injured

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A person died and at least three were injured in a shot which took place this Tuesday at noon in Washington, USA.

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The attack occurred at 12.30pm at 4000 Benning Street, in front of a funeral home located in the northeast of the US capital.

It would have been a premeditated attack directed at specific targets. “A funeral was in progress, it had just finished about 17 minutes earlier. A police officer heard the shots and arrived at the scene,” Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee said.

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At the funeral they were saying goodbye remains of a person riddled with bullets in late March. The officer who heard the shots was assigned to custody of the event at the family’s request, the usual measure in the case of homicide victims.

The location of the shooting in front of a funeral home in Washington.  AP Photo

The location of the shooting in front of a funeral home in Washington. AP Photo

“We don’t know why the people attacked were targeted by the killer,” added the police chief, who asked for the help of witnesses. According to the first versions there would have been no exchange of blows.

He added: “It’s a shame that someone would be so shameless as to do this, especially at a funeral. How low can a human being fall to target other people at a funeral?”

All three injured, with serious injuries but out of dangerThey were taken to area hospitals.

Robert Contee, the chief of the Metropolitan Police, said the attack was premeditated.  AP Photo

Robert Contee, the chief of the Metropolitan Police, said the attack was premeditated. AP Photo

The attacker has not yet been identified. Authorities are searching for a green car, which appears to be the one the suspect was traveling in. They also don’t know how many shots he fired before escaping.

Furthermore, the Carabinieri are investigating a second shooting, which took place 2.5 kilometers away, although they have not yet established a link between the two events.

According to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), a non-profit project that examines gun violence in the United States, there have been 10,566 gun incidents so far in 2023, ranging from mass shootings to suicides.

GVA defines a mass shooting as one that ends in four fatalities, either dead or injured, excluding the perpetrator if he died or was injured during the event.

Whose funeral was scheduled shortly before the shooting

Reports cited by WUSA9 indicate that he had planned a funeral this Tuesday at the Stewart Funeral Home, where the attack took place this Tuesday. There relatives shot the remains of a 24-year-old who had been murdered the end of March.

The service was scheduled for 11:00 and would end at 12:00. It coincides with the police chief’s report, which indicated that the funeral ended at that time, and shots were heard 17 minutes later.

The murder took place last Friday, March 24, at 12:25 in 4400 E Street, an area of ​​multipurpose buildings located 1.4 kilometers from the home where the funeral was held.

The dead man has been identified as Stephen Carrol24 years old, one of the victims of a series of shootings that took place between Wednesday the 22nd and Friday the 24th.

In total, there were six attacks in 36 hours. In the block where Carroll died, a first attack had even developed just four hours earlier, after 8:00 pm, with the rest of two men wounded by gunfire.

There are still no arrests for the crime of the 24-year-old.

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