New York has named its ‘anti-rat czarina’ and the mayor has assured that rodents ‘will hate her’

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Just as the inhabitants of the fantastic village of Hamelin hired a bagpiper to rid them of the rat plague that stank the city, New York City will now have a “mouse tsarina”.The mayor, Eric Adams, named Kathleen Corradi as the new head of rodent mitigationconsidered the Big Apple’s public enemy number one.

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“He has the knowledge, drive, experience and energy to knock down rats and create a cleaner and more welcoming city for all New Yorkers,” the Democratic mayor said in announcing his selection for the new job.

The rats will hate Kathybut we are delighted to have her at the helm of this important effort,” added Adams.

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Corradi, who will start by running a project equipped with Budget of 3.5 million dollars rodent control in Harlem, one of Manhattan’s boroughs, will coordinate the efforts of several agencies, community organizations and the private sector to reduce the population of these animals that are a public health problem.

“Deratting is more than a quality of life issue for New Yorkers,” Corradi acknowledged. It is, he said, a “symptom of systemic problems such as sanitation, health, housing and economic justice.”

Furthermore, the “Czarina” warned: “New York may be famous for the pizza mouseBut rats and the conditions that help them thrive will not be tolerated: no more dirt on the sidewalks, unmanaged spaces and dens in plain sight.”

“Mitigation of rats is more than a quality of life issue. Rats are a symptom of systemic problems that include sanitation, health, housing and economic justice,” said Corradi, over and above the humorous tone in which she was presented .

“I will bring a science-based approach and a focused perspective, especially cutting them off the food, water and shelter they need to survive, and I will make sure all New Yorkers are ready to take on this role in this fight,” stressed out.

Corradi, an official of the Department of Education, which deals with the extermination of mice and the fight against parasites in public schools, was selected from dozens of applications received.

One of the requirements for the position that the local government announced last December was that the person chosen as “anti-mouse czar” must be equipped with a “killer instinct” to put an end to this “relentless population”.

mice are not our friends. Cunning, voracious and prolific, the rats of New York City are legendary for their survival skills, but they don’t rule this city, we do,” the ad added.

Corradi’s appointment is part of a series of measures Adams has taken to minimize the appearance of rodents, such as limiting the hours for taking garbage to sidewalks for his collection and increasing fines for violators.

According to legend, in the “city that never sleeps” there are as many rats as humans, populated by more than 8 million people, where the authorities resorted to poison, birth control pills, trained dogs, the use of dry ice or dry ice, sticky traps, or drowning them in alcohol to combat them. Without much success, so far.

Source: Clarin

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