A Florida man attacked by an alligator had his leg amputated

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a man of Florida, USAhad an operation this Friday in which he part of his right leg was amputated after being attacked by an alligator in a park located in Brevard County on the east coast.

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The encounter with the animal took place this Friday afternoon in the park Titusville RV. As a result of her injuries, the victim, whose identity has not been revealed, was airlifted to a medical centre, where her right leg was amputated. below the knee. their health status is unknown.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officials said a hunter searched the scene of the attack and caught two alligatorsalthough it is not known for sure whether any of those specimens were the ones that attacked the man.

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A captured alligator in New York.

A captured alligator in New York.

The FWC has warned that alligators tend to be most visible and active during the spring and summer seasons.

According to data released by the FWC in 2021, there were seven major and two minor alligator bites statewide that year. None of those attacks were fatal.

Uncontrolled alligators in Miami: 85-year-old woman was killed while walking her dog

An 85-year-old woman has died after being attacked by an alligator while walking her dog in a Florida housing estate in southeastern United States.

Shortly after noon on Feb. 21, deputies from the St. Lucie County (East) Sheriff’s Office and the State Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission received a Emergency call for an alligator attack in Spanish lakesan urbanization reserved for people over the age of 55, according to the WPTV network.

Serious injuries from alligators are rare in Florida.

Serious injuries from alligators are rare in Florida.

Neighbors of the victim told this outlet that the woman was walking her dog around the neighborhood when an alligator grabbed him. The old woman then tried to free her animal and, as she struggled, the reptile bit her behind a house near a canal.

“I saw my neighbor, the dog was running and my neighbor was down and an alligator bit her leg and dragged her into the water‘Carol, a 77-year-old neighbor, told the WPBF news network.

“I told her, ‘Swim up to the rowboat,’ and she said, ‘I can’t, the alligator has a hold on me,'” he added. Carol ran to her garage, grabbed a stick and went back to the canal, but… the victim was gone.

Authorities recovered the old woman’s body in the water and a hunter captured the alligator, which was about 3.3 meters long, according to WPTV. The dog survived the attack.

“Our prayers go out to the victim’s loved ones and Spanish Lakes residents who knew the victim and witnessed the attack,” the St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

Source: Clarin

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