Gangnam Drug Beverage Manufacturing and Intimidation 2 sent… “Nodded” to the question, “Did you receive instructions from a Chinese acquaintance?”

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Gil Mo, a man in his 20s, and Mr. Kim, a man in his 30s, attend a warrant review held at the Seoul Central District Court on the afternoon of the 10th in relation to the ‘drug drink’ case in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. 2023.4.10/News 1

Two people from the ‘Gangnam Drug Beverage Incident’, who manufactured drug beverages and made threatening phone calls, were handed over to the prosecution.

On the morning of the 17th, the drug crime investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency sent Gil Mo, a drug maker in his 20s, to the prosecution.

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Mr. Gil, who came out of the detention center at Mapo Police Station in Seoul wearing a gray coat, nodded instead of answering the question, “Is it true that I received instructions to make (drinks) from Mr. Lee, a Korean national in his 20s?”

Also, when asked, “Are you acquainted with Mr. Lee and Mr. Park, a Chinese national in his 30s?”, he replied, “No.” Then, when asked again, “Do you both know each other?”, she briefly replied, “Yes.”

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Mr. Gil was ordered to make a drug drink by an acquaintance in China, made 100 bottles of the drink by mixing methamphetamine and milk, and sent them to gang members in Seoul using a express bus and quick service (violation of the drug control law). He was arrested in Wonju, Gangwon.

The police pointed out Lee and Park, who had sent empty drug bottles and promotional materials to Gil from China, and requested a red notice from Interpol.

The lure of drugs in everyday life

Lee and Park, who are presumed to be staying in China, are charged with violating the Narcotics Control Act.

It was revealed that the drug drink gang threatened the parents of the student who drank the drink via KakaoTalk messenger and phone. The source of the threatening phone call was also identified as China.

Mr. Kim, who is suspected of assisting in the blackmail phone call by using a repeater to convert a Chinese Internet phone number into a domestic phone number (violation of the Telecommunications Business Act), was handed over to the prosecution on the same day.

Mr. Kim, who left the Seoul Yongsan Police Station at around 8:44 am, did not answer questions such as “How do you know the person who ordered the crime?” “Since when did you conspire to commit the crime?” “Do you have anything to say to the victims?” got on

The threatening phone calls said, “Your child has been doing drugs, so if you don’t pay, I will report you.”

Source: Donga

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