A brave cat endures the sneaky attack of seven dogs and makes them flee

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Videos about the adventures of cats and dogs have already been viewed thousands and there is something for everyone. Loving, cruel, funny, unusual scenesof brotherhood, of anger and above all of fights or games, let’s say, a little violent.

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This video went viral within minutes of being posted on social media. There you can see the amazing dispute between a wild cat and seven big dogs. He was caught on a security camera on a street in Russia. The news, which took place in 2022, has gone viral again in recent weeks.

A cat is seen defending itself from an attack by a dog hides under a car. The dog tries to attack him but can’t. His movements and barks begin to attract the attention of the other dogs, who quickly run over and spot the cat, who was already completely surrounded by that spot.

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In the final scene, the cat sits on a bench and meows until it's done scaring the dogs.

In the final scene, the cat sits on a bench and meows until it’s done scaring the dogs.

At some point, the cat finds no other choice and tries to escape, with bad luck that can be “faced” from one of its rivals. Then the unexpected happens.

When attacked by seven dogs at the same time, the cat defends itself with a courage rarely seen and begins to scratch at lightning speed. One, another, another. In seconds all dogs they were hit by the little claws and they start to backtrack.

At that moment it is observed an object falling from above presumably thrown by a neighbor who was watching the unequal fight from a window, with the aim of scaring the dogs.

The cat faced seven dogs who ran away in fear.

The cat faced seven dogs who ran away in fear.

Eventually the cat manages to climb onto a bench that was at the entrance of a house and bends its body as it begins to meow menacingly, with its door ready to continue to defend itself. At that point the attackers understand that the battle is lost and, with the tail between the legsThey leave the battlefield.

The whole scene lasted less than a minute, long enough for the brave kitten to take off his hero badge in front of the dogs and in front of the costume of thousands and thousands of network users.

Source: Clarin

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