After “constructive talks”, Prince Harry addresses his father, King Charles III

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Reconciliation between father and son in progress. Prince Harry has decided to attend the coronation of King Charles III, after “positive talks” significant enough to decide to accompany him on the day he takes the throne.

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But Harry has not taken the same step with his brother William, the next heir, with whom he has no contact. Even if on May 6 they have to meet face to face, as children of the sovereign. It is unknown what Harry’s role will be. in the abbey or where you will sit.

Harry, Duke of Sussex, will leave his home in Montecito, California, on his son Prince Archie’s birthday, to arrive in London for the ceremony at Westminster Abbey where his father and Camilla will be crowned king. London will still be a party his father is not a popular king and protests are expected.

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A friend of the Sussexes admitted there had been “positive talks” between father and son about Harry’s belated decision to announce he was coming to London, in a statement from Buckingham Palace. Meghan, wife and Duchess of Sussex, will stay in California with her children Archie and Lilibet, who were not invited.

King Charles III, his wife Camilla, Harry and Meghan, during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, September 19 at Westminster Abbey, London.  Photo: AP

King Charles III, his wife Camilla, Harry and Meghan, during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, September 19 at Westminster Abbey, London. Photo: AP

After the interview in which he accused the royal family of racism, from “Spare”, his memoir, and several podcasts, the road to reconciliation has been as difficult as it is thorny between Harry and the Windsors. He wanted an “apology” from them for the way they had been treated by their father, sister, stepmother and relatives of the House of Windsor. Nobody is willing to do that until now.

intrigues and betrayals

Prince William feels deeply betrayed by Harry for his revelations in the book. The Duke of Sussex said the next heir to the throne beat him until his nose bled in his house and asked him to respond, accusing Meghan. He didn’t and called his therapist. He also revealed it he asked his father not to marry Camilla, “that wicked stepmother”.

Harry believes William is a prisoner of his office and that “the ball is in his court” for a reconciliation.

Meghan decided not to come – a good excuse was her son Archie’s birthday on the same day as the coronation. But neither she nor the royal family, who hate each other, want to come face to face. The Duchess has decided to fully resume her life in the United States, including a return to acting and documentary filmmaking.

Very Californian, the Sussexes offered mediation for the beginning of the royal reconciliation process. “The less said, the faster it passes,” said Queen Camilla, shocked by the proposal.

"Spare" ("Replacement"), l

“Spare” (“Replacement”), the explosive biography of Prince Harry. Photo: REUTERS

Difficult decision

Harry’s visit to London will be brief. He doesn’t have a single plan to meet his family other than the Abbey. He will not participate in the carriage procession, wear military uniform or be at Buckingham Palace when his father greets his subjects.

He will live for the last time in Frogmore Cottage, the house that the Queen gave him, and his father has just confiscated it in Windsor. The Sussexes no longer have a domicile in Britain, unless they buy a house themselves. The same drama suffered by Fergie, Duchess of York and former wife of Prince Andrew, who ended up living with him until now, even divorced and was not invited to the coronation.

Harry took a difficult and personal decisionaway from public relations: accompanying his father, being there on that historic day for his father and for him, who is fifth in line.

The Duke of Sussex hates Camilla, his stepmother and now queen. She believes she is “a wicked one”, that she “left dead on the street to get there” and she wrote it in her memoirs. An accusation that irritated his father, the monarch, who decided to kick him out of his house, a gift from the queen. A house they had paid to repair and which has been offered to Prince Andrew, who does not want to live in it.

The protocol foresees a bow in front of Camilla, her brother and Kate, the next heirs. Will you do them?

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Source: Clarin

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