What items are prohibited in checked baggage?

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While the list is not extensive, there are several objects and objects which cannot be carried on a flight in baggage holdnot even as hand luggage.

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Each airline selects which products can or cannot be carried in its hold, but all must be approved by international authorities and protocols. In case of United States of Americathe Department of Homeland Security has designed a list of prohibited items for travel to the country.

Instead, other objects have special conditions be transported. This is the case with aerosols for personal use, such as deodorants or toiletries; It is important to note that some airlines do not allow these items to be carried. Likewise, according to the regulations of each country, they can be transported official bagswhich must be consulted with the airline.

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One of the countries that prohibits the carriage of aerosols in the hold of an aircraft is Argentina. In its aviation safety regulations, it details all items that are not allowed in the hold on domestic flights.

Each country determines which products it allows in its warehouse.  Photo: Shutterstock.

Each country determines which products it allows in its warehouse. Photo: Shutterstock.

What items cannot be transported in the hold of a flight?

While the list may vary by country and by airline, there are several prohibited products around the world:

  • Flammable liquids.
  • Items with external batteries (lighters, cigarettes).
  • Compressed gases (personal defense products, aerosols).
  • Damaged electronic equipment.
  • Explosives.
  • Batteries, rechargeable, spare lithium metal or loose.
  • Plans.
  • Radioactive material.
  • Oxidizing agents, such as bleach.
  • Flashlights: This is one of the items the US government puts the most emphasis on, as they try to avoid the presence of objects that can get hot in the cargo hold.

In addition to this general list, airlines recommend keep in touch in case of doubts about a particular product, in order to avoid inconvenience during the flight.

Source: Clarin

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