Police find ‘explicit images’ of minors on Julia Wendell’s phone, fake Madeleine McCann

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The controversy surrounding the case madeleine mccann it’s far from over. The police team charged with investigating julia wellellthe young Polish woman who claimed to be the missing British girl a few months ago, confiscated the young woman’s phone this weekthe Orange County Sheriff’s Department said.

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The phone was turned over to the California Police. voluntarily by private investigator and psychic medium Fia Johansson, who was commissioned to bring Julia to the United States after receiving death threats.

During its recording, professionals who have analyzed it thoroughly would have found several explicit images of children inside, as revealed by the British media Daily mail.

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Private investigator Fia Johansson handed over Julia's cell phone to the police.  Giulia Faustina/Instagram

Private investigator Fia Johansson handed over Julia’s cell phone to the police. Giulia Faustina/Instagram

Faced with this latest discovery, the young Polish woman confessed the sun: “I didn’t have child pornography on my phone. I’m not a pedophile. I am the victim of a paedophile”, denying any accusation.

This surgery takes place weeks later the dna test it will show the young Polish girl cannot be Madeleine McCannthe British girl who disappeared in Portugal in 2007. The test showed that Julia is of Polish ancestry with Lithuanian and Russian ancestry, ruling out the possibility that it was little Madeleine.

The results made Julia start planning a second DNA test, which is why the police decided to confiscate her phone.

Julia Wendell burst onto the scene when she started an Instagram account (@iammadelaninemccann)

Julia Wendell burst onto the scene when she started an Instagram account (@iammadelaninemccann)

According to Dr. Johansson, Julia may have difficulty accepting that she is not Madeleine due to the abuse she suffered as a child. “Then, on top of that, she felt ignored by her mother, who refused to take the DNA test that could have stopped all of this in the first place and given her the closure she needed.”

After becoming a worldwide sensation by stating on his Instagram account @IAmMadeleineMcCann which could be the missing girl, based on the freckles and coloboma in her right eye similar to Madeleine’s,

Julia has decided to apologize to Kate and Gerry McCannParents of the missing: “It was not my intention to bring sadness or any other negative emotion to anyone, especially the McCann family,” the young woman said.

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