What’s Your Karma Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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The position of the planets at the time of birth determines the sign we have designated and this provides information about ours personality and the karma we will have to deal with.

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When we talk about Karma, we focus knowledge on lessons we need to overcome as they represent our Life Mission.

we bring from other lives actions and thoughts like energetic charge that transcend us and form us in our present. Both positively and negatively in this incarnation, we carry them, we own them, we live them.

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THE Past life astrology or karmic astrology uncover these negatives and help empower those who are not and, instead, help us.

It is a path that contributes to our Personal growth, adds to our self-knowledge so that we evolve in spirit.

Karmic astrology uncovers our negative aspects and helps empower those who are not.  Photo: Shutterstock

Karmic astrology uncovers our negative aspects and helps empower those who are not. Photo: Shutterstock

This is done by being aware of the karma what should we work and liberation Nadir Otermin Hamed, Holistic Master, guides us to discover them sign by sign.

What is the Karma of each sign

ARIES. They should be aware of what others need and not be the focus of their own needs. Selfishness will pursue you like a soldier in battle. The lesson is based on learning to consider the needs of others and not so much your own. Be more sensitive and confident instead of taking action, as well as being a positive leader and not behaving like a despot.

BULL. The challenge is linked to the value they give themselves as a person and the trust they feel. Working on your great attachment to the material world and living according to appearances will be your lesson, as will learning to release fear and gain confidence.

TWINS. Transcend the superficial in situations, people, and material things. Avoiding misunderstandings will be something they will have to work on in this earthly experience. Controlling your imagination will be a challenge, as will letting others express their ideas and being open to accepting other opinions. His lesson has to do with what other people think of you.

CANCER. It is important that you focus on the emotional to release your Karma; cultivating detachment will be a good test. In addition to stopping living in the past, let go of what wasn’t and return to your present. They have to learn that not all responsibility lies with them. They must seek balance in commitments and results.

LEO. Similar to Aryans in their tendency towards self-centeredness, they must learn from flexibility in order not to fall into narcissism and become positive leaders. Starting to worry and learning to listen seriously to others will be a challenge. Using your intuition for good and deriving obstacles to open paths from your instincts will help you release karmic energies and thereby set you apart.

VIRGIN. This karma is based on the energies of common sense, on being rational in front of people without falling into cynicism. They must exercise their vocation with responsibility, availability and honesty, otherwise they will lack self-esteem. Your goals must be spiritual, only then will the karmic energies change. Being faithful is his challenge and leave mental rigidity aside.

Each sign has a certain Karma to work with, shed and evolve.  Photo: Shutterstock

Each sign has a certain Karma to work with, shed and evolve. Photo: Shutterstock

POUND. His great Karma is link management. They will have to assume that there may be differences and accept that they are not always right. This will lead them to not show their feelings, to hurt others and cause conflicts. They dissolve Karma when they take the risk and take charge without blaming others for their problems. Be honest and you will receive the same. This is how you will find balance.

SCORPIO. Similar to Libra, your karmic challenge is related to power in relationships. It’s that not being understanding they live a war of impositions in most of their stories life after life. Gaining the confidence to transform and let go of everything that hurts you will be your challenge in this incarnation. They must not hesitate when asking for help, otherwise they will live in complete solitude

SAGITTARIUS. This sign will experience many disappointments in all kinds of experiences, even going from belief to belief. They have to make deals between the spiritual and the personal. They may be skeptical due to disenchantment, but their time always comes when they want to find the peace they have searched for in so many lifetimes.

CAPRICORN. They have to teach others with their karma and critical thinking. They must come out of the attachment to the customs. Listen to your inner voice and know how to choose. One of your karmic tests is to understand that money is not everything in this life.

ACQUARIUM. The karmic test for these natives is to work on that wayward sense of all that is enforced. By cultivating empathy and always being flexible, you will earn a lot and dissolve the energies of karma. Provided they don’t go against it and always want to be right.

FISH. They must be the support of others emotionally, personally and spiritually without affecting their desire to live. They don’t have to feel like victims or prophets to live out their spirituality or show compassion. They have to learn to be on their own and solve problems consistently. Don’t try to run away from reality or get carried away by your instincts.

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