Mass shooting at a US prom: nine teenagers injured

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a typical promthe bachelor party, ended with another mass shooting rocking the United States and reproducing like a plague. Nine teenagers were killed. in the early hours of this Sunday in Jasper County, in the state of Texas, when someone shot up the closing of a typical party of young graduates.

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The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office noted on its website that his forces were alerted shortly after midnight on Saturday. When they arrived at the site, a suburban area located north of the city and about 200 km from the state of Louisiana, they were they found the nine wounded. Their lives weren’t in danger.

Most of the victims were transferred to the local hospital and the remainder to the city of Beaumont, also in Texas, for treatment.

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The CNN chain specified that the injured were between 15 and 19 years old, while Sheriff Mitchel Newman said so there were about 200 young people at the party. Local authorities have opened an investigation: interrogations have begun and they are trying to find the perpetrator or perpetrators of the attack, who left no victims. At least one of the hospitalized teenagers had to be hospitalized to the operating room in Beaumont, located 100 km to the south.

After there was a second shooting near the city, said Newman. he would be involved a car that had been seen in the prom graduation.

The party was preceded by the traditional prom which was performed at Jasper High School. Although it was stipulated that it would run until midnight, most attendees had left the venue by 9pm on Saturday with no problems.

On their social media, the school had even shown themed dance preparations and the authorities had assured: “We are thrilled to see our students dressed for the dance on the 23rd tonight, “Shanghai Nights”“.

Hours later, they were shocked by the attack that left nine injured on the outskirts of the city.

The photo shared by Jaspers High School authorities before the shooting.  Facebook photo

The photo shared by Jaspers High School authorities before the shooting. Facebook photo

The statement from the authorities for another shooting in the United States: there are 169 in the year

“Our prayers are with those injured early Sunday morning in the shooting that took place north of town. The Jasper School District is working with law enforcement agencies in every way possible to assist in their investigation for the bring the attackers to justicesaid John Seybold, superintendent of the Jasper school district.

And he added it in the following days security will be strengthened: “There will be a much increased police presence this week to ensure the safety of students, as well as counselors available to any students who need their help.”

So far this year, through this Sunday, according to The Gun Violence Archive, which documents acts of gun violence in the country, there have been U.S. 169 mass shootingsa term that includes a minimum of four people injured or killed, not counting the assailant.

One of the most recent occurred on Saturday night last week, when at least four people were killed and more than 20 were injured after a shooting at a teenager’s birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama, in the southeast of the country.


Source: Clarin

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