He’s almost 90 years old, he’s climbed Mount Fuji and is now a surfer but he doesn’t stop: he’s looking for new challenges

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Seiichi Sano is a man who He doesn’t let his 89 years define him.. At that age, when most would think of resting after a lifetime of work, Sano continues to challenge life,

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After more than 60 years dedicated completely to his company, the man who hails from Fujisawa, Japan, he started at the age of 80 to face new challenges. Thus, he climbed none other than Mount Fuji, the highest peak in the eastern country

But it seems, climbing those 3,776 meters was not enough to calm Sano’s desire to “enjoy life”. He immediately found a new challenge: surfing.

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And so Sano, who will turn 90 later this year, has become a record holder recognized by Guinness World Records as older man surfing.

He doesn't give up.  Almost 90 years and still a busy life.

He doesn’t give up. Almost 90 years and still a busy life.

But, insatiable, man does not want to stop there and look for new obstacles to overcome.

“Maybe I’ll try boulderingr (rock or wall climbing without ropes),” she said, suggesting she might do it at the gym first. “It can be a little dangerous outside,” she added.

However, despite his incredible audacity, the man is no fool either. So he ruled out bungee jumping or bungee jumping. “so scared”qualified.

It's a Guinness record.

It’s a Guinness record.

“I think it would be interesting to try surfing up to 100 years old.Sano said. “I think that I take better care of myself when I have goals like this. Even now, I take better care of myself than before.”

Sano lives about 20 minutes from Yokohama and goes jogging most weekends to the black sand beach near Enoshima, the small island that hosted sailing for the recent Tokyo Olympics and was the port for the 1964 Games.

The man said he was inspired by an employee of his bank, who was always tanned and didn’t look like a typical banker. His secret he, he said, was surfing. So Sano searched and found a teacher.

He doesn't give up.  Almost 90 years and still a busy life.

He doesn’t give up. Almost 90 years and still a busy life.

“I don’t consider myself an old man,” he said in his wet suit, standing on the table beside him. “I have never considered myself an old person. I always feel like I can still go on. I can still do it. I can still enjoy myself.”

Enoshima is a small undulating area, suitable for Sano. There he mixes with the hundreds of surfers who go to challenge the waves every day. Sure, they’re all younger than him. Also many attend primary or secondary school.

It is healthy He managed to earn the respect of all of them. “I think it’s amazing,” said one girl, Shua. “I think age doesn’t matter in surfing,” said 12-year-old Iroha Shimabukuro.

“I can only say this I have fun and do what I want without stress“he said. “So if you try to be too good, or think you have to do it one way or another, I think you’re missing out on the fun.”

“I like being swept away by the wave”He added. “I’m not a good surfer. So I call myself a ‘small wave surfer’, out of respect for those who surf well”.

Sano still runs his business supplying lumber to construction companies and I still work 9 to 5 at work.

Surfing is a stress relieverto define.

“To be honest, I was surprised at her agesaid Shimizu, his instructor. “What worried me the most was that he would get injured. I didn’t know how fit you were, physically. So when I heard he was 80, I thought it would be a little hard to think my grandfather could surf. I was surprised that he could do it as well as the younger ones.

“People often say that surfing is life itself. If I describe it in one word, I really mean it it applies to me right now”, closed the man, who does not define himself for his almost 90 years.

Source: AP

Source: Clarin

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