Joe Biden prepares to announce his re-election bid with Donald Trump in his sights

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Everything is ready and it seems that this time it will come true. Joe Biden is preparing to officially announce this Tuesday that he will run for a second term as US president next year, according to Democratic party sources, a decision the 80-year-old president said he would reveal earlier this year and has been delayed.

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The announcement was not confirmed by the White House or the party, but it was anticipated by the Washington Post Saturday and other media over the weekend, citing sources close to the president.

There have already been speculations about other dates and they have not materialised, but this Tuesday is significant and this increases the possibilities: just four years have passed since Biden entered the campaign that gave him victory in the 2020 elections.

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“I told them I was going to compete. I’ll tell you when really very soon.”Biden told reporters briefly on Monday.

Former President Donald Trump will seek the Republican nomination.  Reuters photo

Former President Donald Trump will seek the Republican nomination. Reuters photo

another round

Therefore, the likelihood is strong that in November 2024 the bitter electoral battle of the last presidential elections will be repeated, when Biden faced Donald Trump and defeated him, in an election whose results were rejected by the former president who denounced a fraud that he had not never seen before, was checked.

Trump, 76, is currently the preferred candidate of the Republicans and has great chances of being blessed among several of that party to return to fight for the White House.

If Biden were re-elected, he would take office at 82 and finish his term at 86, becoming the oldest president in history from the United States. The age and health debate will surely be a major theme of the election campaign and all his movements and speeches will be subject to close scrutiny.

It would be even more contrasting if his Republican challenger was someone much younger than Trump, like the governor of Florida. Ron DeSantis45 years old and with children of school age.

Biden’s decision has been delayed. He said he would announce it at the end of the year and he didn’t. Other times the same thing happened, but nothing materialized. there wasn’t too much hurry indeed to formalize his candidacy: the incumbent presidents tend to delay their announcements as much as possible to have a better electoral panorama and see how their rivals are moving.

But, moreover, Biden sought support because he faces skepticism even from members of his own party. Only half of Democrats think he should run again in 2024, though most would support him if he became the nominee.

Governor of Florida.  Ron DeSantis, will try to defeat Trump among the Republicans.  AP Photo

Governor of Florida. Ron DeSantis, will try to defeat Trump among the Republicans. AP Photo

A recent poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that 26% of Americans overall want to see Biden run again.a slight recovery compared to 22% who said so in January. 47% of Democrats now want him to run, also up from 37% in January.

No weight rival

Why are you running for re-election? Simply because no other Democratic candidate has appeared to challenge him for leadership, and because Trump is emerging as his possible rival, it is thought that He is the most prepared to beat him. The Democrat also bet on the man in last year’s general election and performed much better than expected, despite the fact that the US had historic inflation at the time.

Although he did not specify it, Biden had made it known that he would run as a candidate, in a maneuver designed to ensure that no one dared to challenge him for leadership. The effort was successful because only writer Marianne Williamson and anti-vaxxer Robert Kennedy ran. Deputy Kamala Harris has kept an incredibly low profile and her popularity hasn’t taken off.

consulted by clarionCal Jillson, professor of political science at Texas Southern Methodist University, said that “Biden will not have significant competition for the Democratic nomination for president, while Republicans will have to fight. Trump will likely prevail and be the Republican candidate in the third consecutive presidential election. Given that Trump lost the popular vote in both 2016 and 2020 and is now plagued by a number of legal problems, I think Biden could be the favorite to win re-election”.

Asked if the age issue could be a tricky one, she said: “Most Democrats, including many who care about Biden’s age, they believe it is the best bet on the match in 2024. He’s savvy and stable, and Democrats think he contrasts well with Trump’s volatility. But Biden’s age is an issue, and it could become a serious issue if circumstances, like illness, a serious verbal or physical mishap, or simply not being able to endure the rigors of a national campaign, begin to draw in the attention of voters. .

The expert points out that “incumbent presidents often execute a ‘Rose Garden’ strategy (after the famous garden of the White House), in which they limit travel and campaigns from Washington. Biden’s team may support that strategy, but they’ll likely want to campaign as much as possible across the country to show that age hasn’t slowed them down.”

Source: Clarin

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