Juan Guaidó was expelled from Colombia a few hours after his “irregular” entry, traveled to Miami without achieving his goal and denounced “threats” against his family

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Juan Guaidó traveled to Miami on Monday evening hours after announcing his arrival in Colombia, where he hoped to meet the international delegations that will participate this Tuesday in the conference convened by President Gustavo Petro, to unblock the negotiations between the government of Nicolás Maduro and anti-Chavism. After his departure, forced by the local government, the leader of the Venezuelan opposition denounced “threats” against his family.

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“He’s going to the United States on a commercial flight,” added a Colombian government source, who requested the reservation, without specifying further details. According to media reports from that country, Guaidó had booked a seat on a flight that left Monday night from El Dorado airport in Bogotá, and was bound for Miami, in the United States.

The Colombian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “in the afternoon, Migration Colombia took Mr. Juan Guaidó, a Venezuelan national who was in Bogota irregularly, to El Dorado airport with the intention of verify your departure with a commercial airline to the United Statesovernight”.

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Furthermore, he clarified that “the ticket had already been bought by Guaidó” and denied that the Colombian government had organized a plane to transport him. “Colombian migration is careful that this journey takes place without any delay,” completed the text.

The Colombian government clarified that "the ticket had already been bought by Guaidó" and denied having organized a plane to take him to Miami.  Photo EFE/ Miguel Gutiérrez

The Colombian government clarified that “the ticket had already been bought by Guaidó” and denied having organized a plane to take him to Miami. Photo EFE/ Miguel Gutiérrez

Previously, the Foreign Minister, Álvaro Leyva, had said that the Venezuelan was running risks “because inserted inappropriately and in Colombia we respect the law.” The source confirmed that the opponent did not actually migrate when he entered the country.

Twenty countries have been invited to the International Conference on Venezuela, to be held at the request of Colombian President Gustavo Petro, of which 18 are expected, as well as the EU Foreign Affairs Representative, Josep Borrell.

Venezuela will be the absent protagonist since it will not be represented by any of the parties to the conflict.

Juan Guaidó: “The persecution of the dictatorship has extended to Colombia”

In addition to noting that he had received threats against his family, Guaidó regretted, after boarding the plane that will deposit him in North America, he posted a video on his social networks in which he directly pointed to Nicolás Maduro. “The dictatorship’s persecution has extended to Colombia, unfortunately,” he said.

“After 60 hours of driving to reach Bogota, defying the Maduro regime, they are taking me out of Colombia“, the Venezuelan said from the plane.

And he added: “I have come to bring the voice of millions of people who want a better country, a solution and recover their family and dignity. For this I am going on a commercial flight to the United States, for the threats to my family and my daughters“.

“This will not stop us. I am going with more strength than ever, with the certainty that we will recover our country,” concluded Guaidó.

The “foot” arrival of Juan Guaidó in Colombia

Guaidó, that until this Monday they had not left their country since 2020he stated that he “walked” into Colombia via one of the border bridges to request a meeting with the international delegations that are gathering there for a conference on the political crisis in Venezuela.

After Nicolás Maduro’s 2018 re-election was deemed fraudulent by several countries, Guaidó declared himself interim president of Venezuela in 2019. However, his popularity has waned since then, with opposition lawmakers revoking his took office in January and instead appointed a committee to run what they wanted to call their “interim government”.

The international conference organized for this Tuesday by Colombian President Gustavo Petro seeks to resume dialogue between the Maduro government and the opposition. Formal negotiations between the two sides, held in Mexico and brokered by Norwegian diplomats, stalled late last year.

Juan Guaidó said he entered Colombia

Juan Guaidó said he entered Colombia “on foot” across one of the border bridges. Photo AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos

“I will request a meeting with the international delegations that will be participating,” Guaidó said in a statement he shared on his networks. Furthermore, he said: “I hope the summit can guarantee that the Maduro regime returns to the negotiating table in Mexico and agree on a credible timetable for free and fair elections as a solution to the conflict”.

For his part, Foreign Minister Leyva issued an official note in which he said that Guaidó I was not invited to the conference and his presence was not expected.

Guaidó recently denounced an increase in threats against him in Venezuela. In the statement, he says he took the risk of leaving the country to “seek support from the world” to the democratic cause in Venezuela.

With information from agencies.


Source: Clarin

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