How to touch up the root of your hair without bleaching your hair

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In dyed hair, it is normal that after a while the the roots begin to return to their natural color. even in the hair blondes, it is necessary to dye all the hair again to recover the color. However, there are some procedures which facilitate the retouching of the roots without having to bleach all the hair.

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Some specialists ensure that the whitening process can be harmful to the scalpsince it is based on removal natural pigments and leave the hair dry. That’s why many people look for alternative treatments or another solution for this problem.

What is the best way to do a root touch up on your hair

To dye your roots without bleaching your hair, you need to follow different steps than a normal dye.

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To dye your roots without bleaching your hair, you need to follow different steps than a normal dye.

According to information provided by the French cosmetics and beauty products company The truewhen using a hair dye this it will take longer for the roots to permeate and in obtaining the desired tone, i.e. that of the rest of the hair. That is why the scalp dyeing process must be different for the roots than for the rest of the hair.

The main difference to take into account is the application time for each sector. In the case of roots, it should be applied first and leave to act for no less than 35 minutes. Once this is done, the dye should be applied to the rest of the hair, but you just have to do this leave on for 10 minutes.

This method can help hide gray hair.

This method can help hide gray hair.

The specialists of the aforementioned company also argue that the White hairif present, it can also benefit from this method, as the dye evens out all the hair.

Another factor mentioned is whether the tone applied it becomes clearer compared to the rest of the hair. The recommended solution is opt for a darker tint; Likewise, it is preferable to attend a professional if this happens, as the procedure can be more complicated.

Source: Clarin

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