Psychological test: what does it mean to draw a house, a tree and a person

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The drawing of a house, a tree and a person is one of the best known options in psychotechnical tests for personnel selection and for making diagnoses.

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As a note from Iprofesional recounts, Psychologists point out that, when we draw, we unconsciously project our main characteristics and personality traits.

In the case of these very simple drawings, the same note adds that they provide information on psychological disorders, hidden emotions, conflicts or projections.

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The house, tree and person test

This test, called HTP, it requires the summoned to draw a house, a tree and a human figure on three different sheets.

Each of these elements has a special meaning.

The HTP test, a classic of psychotechnical tests Foto Shutterstock.

The HTP test, a classic of psychotechnical tests Foto Shutterstock.


Iprofesional’s note explains that this drawing is considered a portrait, since it it represents the way in which the person perceives the quality of their relationships, especially that with the mother. The house represents the strength and limits of the ego.

The upper part refers to fantasies; the foreground would be reality; and the basement or basement, the subconscious.


It is cataloged as the symbol of the relationship with oneself. In this case the roots represent the unconscious; the trunk, the force of the ego; the cup, the fantasy; and the branches, the interaction with the environment.

The straight trunk means inflexibility, a lot of self-control and rigidity.

If the drawing is weak, it speaks of weakness of character and escapism.

Drawing a person, one of the possible psychometric tests Photo Shutterstock.

Drawing a person, one of the possible psychometric tests Photo Shutterstock.

On traits, one of the known characteristics is when they are perceived as revised. This is a sign of insecurity, dissatisfaction and a need for perfectionism.

Human figure

It refers to interpersonal relationships and feelings towards mother and father.

Furthermore, based on the drawings, a specific questionnaire is carried out.

These are some of the questions.

on the house

– Is it real or imaginary?

– Is this your house or someone else’s?

– Is it a positive or negative house?

– Would you like to have this house?

– Who lives in this house?

– Does the house seem close or far to you?

– What time or season do you live in the drawing?

– What does the house need most?

– Where is the house?

On the tree

– What kind of tree is it?

_- How old is the tree?

– What time of year is it?

– Where is the tree?

– What do you need most?

– If you were in the picture, where would you be?

On the human figure

– Is this person real or imaginary?

– Is this person a man or a woman?

– How old is the person in the drawing?

– How is this person? (personality characteristics)

– What does the person in the drawing like most/least about himself? (favorite things)

– Would you like to meet this person?

Source: Clarin

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