Viral video: a man returning from shopping passed by Prince William and did not notice

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In the days leading up to the coronation of King Carlos III in the UK, there were viral moments that will remain to be remembered. One of them has to do with a very rare misunderstanding between the prince WilliamKate Middleton and a man returning from the pharmacy.

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In a viral video that has already amassed more than 600,000 views on TikTok, the Princes of Wales are seen talking to a member of pub staff while, coincidentally, a man returning from shopping walks past them and doesn’t realize who they are or what is happening.

At the same time that those present burst into laughter, a bodyguard of the royal family cordially accompanies him to the pens. In the finale, Kate watches in disbelief at what happened.

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It all happened on Thursday at the door of the Dog and Duck club in Soho. Many people gathered there to see the princes before the new king was crowned.

Kate and William hung out inside the pub and then talked outside the venue with the venue staff and crowd.

William is first in line for the throne.  Photo: REUTERS/Toby Melville

William is first in line for the throne. Photo: REUTERS/Toby Melville

“No amount of security measures could stop this man from getting where he was meant to go,” the video description reads. And it is that, incredibly, the man has managed to “outwit”, involuntarily desiring, the safety of the princes and reaching them as if nothing had happened.

The meeting between William and Charles III

Charles III officially became King of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth territories on Saturday and one of the guests was obviously Prince William, first in line to the throne.

Upon coronation, the forty-year-old William swore allegiance to his father. “I, William, Prince of Wales, swear my allegiance to you, faith and truth I will keep you, as your vassal of life and death. God help me“said the prince moved.

Prince William greeted his father at the coronation.  Photo: REUTERS

Prince William greeted his father at the coronation. Photo: REUTERS

William then touched his father’s crown and kissed the monarch on the cheek, to which Charles III whispered in response.

According to a lip-reading expert who spoke to The Express, the king said to his son a simple: “Thank you, William“.

Source: Clarin

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