United States: how to get a US passport for children?

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Every year there are more applicants for seen AND passports of the United States of Americaconsolidated as one of the most sought-after destinations in the world.

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In case of under 16 years oldseveral documents proving parental data as well as accreditation of US citizenship must be completed.

How is a US passport processed for a child under 16?

This document, which in this case will have a five-year validity before being renewed, it serves as proof of identification for international travel. The first step in processing it is to fill out and submit the DS-11 application. This role is due present to an authorized agent Acceptance of passport applications.

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The US citizenship of the minor must be demonstrated through specific documents.

The US citizenship of the minor must be demonstrated through specific documents.

Second, you have to prove United States citizenshipwhich can be done by submitting – in original and in copy – one of the following documents:

  • citizenship certificate
  • naturalization certificate
  • Certified US birth certificate
  • Consular declaration of birth abroad or birth certificate

Also, you need to submit evidence proving paternity of the applicant with the minor you will get your passport. The most used option is the birth certificate.

It is important to prove the identity of the parents.  Photo: EFE.

It is important to prove the identity of the parents. Photo: EFE.

As a fourth step, you should also prove the identity of the parentsby submitting (also in original and copy) one of the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Valid US driver’s license
  • Valid military identification document
  • naturalization certificate
  • Valid government ID

On the other hand, those under the age of 16 they cannot apply for a passport themselvesso it is necessary for their parents give consent. If they cannot attend the site, they must submit Form DS-3053 (Declaration of Consent) signed by the absent parent.

For more specific information, you can consult the official website of the US government. Finally, you need to send to photo of the minor 5×5 color that meets government requirements. The cost of the procedure for the notebook is $135.

Source: Clarin

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