Chile: They warn that violence in La Araucanía is now targeting civilians

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Vehicles on fire, a railway line cut and trimmed armed attacks against civilians against people are some of the various acts of violence that have taken place in recent days in the Araucanía region, in the midst of a escalation of the conflict in the area and which led the government to declare a red alert.

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The alert has been in force since Wednesday, when the Chilean government announced that the military, which is collaborating in maintaining public order in a troubled region in the south of the country, will mobilize more troops, armored vehicles and two helicopters.

One concern, as reported this Friday, is that the attacks are starting to be direct directly against civilians and that the State of Exception “it’s not enough anymore”.

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More checks in southern Chile. Photo: JAVIER TORRES / AFP

More checks in southern Chile. Photo: JAVIER TORRES / AFP

La Araucanía, 700 kilometers south of the Chilean capital, together with neighboring Biobío will meet in five days one year in a state of emergencyauthorizing President Gabriel Boric to use the military to monitor routes and security tasks in collaboration with the police.

According to, given the upsurge of violence that has occurred in recent days in La Araucanía, the authorities in the area called on the government to change the strategy which is used. They ensure that the state of exception that has been in force for a year is not enough.

The governor of La Araucanía, Luciano Rivas, met this Friday with Senator Carmen Gloria Aravena, of the Republican Party, and with the constitutional adviser elected by the same party, René Urban, whose family has been attacked twice this week by subjects who filmed them directly.

“Today we are seeing that these are civilian targets. Not even in war a medical team is attacked, as happened in Curacautín. Here what we are seeing are crimes of a terrorist nature where people are directly attacked,” Governor Luciano Rivas warned.

The attacks

The tightening of measures comes after several arson and gun attacks between Tuesday and early Wednesday morning at a police station, a house, five trucks, a van and a neighborhood office, according to police reports.

Among the attacks, one with counter strikes stands out the house of Ettore Urbanoone of the drafters of the new constitution elected last weekend which occurred shortly after his father’s truck was hit. There were no injuries.

President Gabriel Boric during a visit to Araucanía, in November 2022. Photo: EFE

President Gabriel Boric during a visit to Araucanía, in November 2022. Photo: EFE

A sign has appeared in the area with a legend asking the release of “political prisoners” of the Mapuche ethnic group. The government claims that all prisoners are for committing crimes.

In La Araucanía and Biobío there are minority groups of indigenous people who demand the return of ancestral territories, while the majority maintains the same request, but by peaceful means.

The authorities say the persistence of acts of violence in a region in a state of emergency it demonstrates the complexity that the state must face in order to keep the peace and when there are organized groups that are not willing to respect the institutional framework and people’s lives.

Boric says he is trying to resolve the conflict with the Mapuche people through dialogue, for which he has appointed a special commission to quantify the amount of ancestral territories that the indigenous people are asking for the restitution and how many could be reimbursed. However, the ruler believes that the results will be seen after the end of his mandate in March 2026.


Source: Clarin

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